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Archaeological marvel of Sanatana Dharma discovered in Pakistan: Shivling unearthed in Sargodha


The recent discovery of a large Shiv Ling in Sargodha, Pakistan, has garnered widespread attention. This Shivling, symbolising Bhagwan Shiva, holds great significance in Hinduism, shedding light on the region’s ancient history and the influence of Sanatana Dharma.

As an ancient symbol of worship, the Shivling represents the divine energy of Bhagwan Shiva. Its presence in Sargodha highlights the deep connections between various cultures and religions in the Indian subcontinent.

Despite attempts to suppress Sanatana Dharma throughout history, discoveries like the Shivling in Sargodha demonstrate its enduring resilience. The teachings and symbols of Sanatan continue to inspire people worldwide, transcending boundaries and inspiring spiritual enlightenment.

Beyond its archaeological significance, the discovery of the Shiv Ling in Sargodha is a celebration of Sanatana Dharma’s resilience. It serves as a reminder that despite challenges, the essence of Sanatan will always shine brightly, spreading messages of peace and harmony.

Saudi Arabia, predominantly an Islamic nation, has unveiled an 8000-year-old temple, sparking widespread discussions and fascination. Believed to have been dedicated to the worship of the Kahal deity, this ancient temple has been unearthed in the Al-Fa region, approximately southwest of Riyadh, the capital city.

The discovery of this ancient temple came to light in 2022 when the Saudi Arabian Government officially announced the findings of an 8000-year-old archaeological site in the Al-Fa region.

Constructed from durable stone, the temple’s remains stand as a testament to the architectural prowess and religious fervour of its creators. Alongside the temple, remnants of altars have been discovered, providing compelling evidence of the ritualistic practices and religious ceremonies conducted by the ancient inhabitants of the Al-Fa region. This remarkable archaeological site dates back to the Neolithic era, suggesting a rich cultural and historical legacy that predates recorded history.

These findings are a powerful reminder of the enduring presence of Sanatan Dharma across time and borders. From ancient temples to modern practices, Hinduism marks its presence worldwide, reflecting its rich heritage and cultural influence.