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Attack on Hindus in Bangladesh rising; Bigger plot underway?


On 30 October 2016, some 3,000 Muslims attacked the Hindu areas of Nasirnagar following a rally over an allegedly defamatory post by an illiterate Hindu youth Rasraj Das who is an illiterate local Hindu fisherman, from Nasirnagar near Brahmanbaria. Das was arrested on 29 October 2016 for “hurting the religious sentiments of the Muslims” through a Facebook post. Soon later, investigators cleared Rasraj Das of the charge.

Illiterate Rasraj; a soft target to attack Hindus?

Rasraj, who was an Awami League supporter – was caught, beaten up and handed over to the police by the radical Muslims, who also vandalised and looted his house, and destroyed two Puja pavilions at his Haripur village. Muslim mob destroyed at least ten temples and attacked hundreds of houses of Hindus in Brahminbaria, Bangladesh on Sunday afternoon.

A Brahmanbaria court has sent a local Awami League leader on a two-day remand in a case filed in connection with the synchronised attack on Hindu community people in Nasirnagar Upazila of the district.

The court order came a day after detectives arrested Suruj Ali, who was recently suspended from the president post of Chapartola Union Awami League. He was an alleged key instigator of the attack that took place on October 30, Dhaka Tribune reports.

The district’s Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Md Shafiqul Islam passed the order when police produced Suruj Ali before the court with a seven-day remand prayer around noon; tells court inspector Md Mahabubur Rahman.

At least eight cases were filed in connection with the attack incident. Police detained 107 people so far over the attack.The hate against Hindus is spreading so fast that the radical Muslims of Madhabpur in nearby Habiganj district were (got themselves) ‘instigated’ by the Nasirnagar incident and attacked two temples following a protest rally on Sunday. Another communal attack was launched on two other temples at Chhatak of Sunamganj after two days.

Mosques used as broadcasters to incite attacks?

The rising attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh point out a systematically planned line of strategy to drive out Hindus from Bangladesh to grab their land and belongings. Media reports from Bangladesh have to give eyewitness accounts about how the local mosques were playing a role of the broadcaster to incite attacks against Hindus.

The announcement of holding the protest rally on Nasirnagar playground at 10 am Sunday came from the mosques of the villages in the area through megaphones saying that a Hindu had insulted the Holy Kaaba, reports a newspaper. Also, it is reported that local Hindus had heard the announcements at Norpur, Asurain, Phulpur, Pandao, Capartala, Kaliuta, Guniag, and Bolapur villages. Of them, Norpur, Asurain and Phulpur are known as strongholds of radical Muslims. They also distributed leaflets in the area.

The Hindus of Nasirnagar area in Brahmanbaria district are the residents of that area before the partition, even before the Bangladesh was born as a beneficence from India. The Nasirnagar Hindus had chosen not to flee despite massacres committed against them during the 1971 Liberation War. But they and the Hindus in other parts of Bangladesh who are facing similar attacks have no option left than to flee to save their life.

Dhaka Tribune reports many Hindu families have left their houses and are afraid of coming back to the village. One local Muslim who knew Rasraj told media that Das was a good person and it might be someone’s blame game to malign Rasraj as a ‘Kafir and blasphemous’. He asked “I think he does not know the Kaaba … How did he post a photo on Facebook when he is an illiterate person?”

Bangladesh government quiet

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina keeps quiet regards on the atrocity against Hindus of Nasir Nagar and Gobondragonj. A facebook rumour destroyed 200 families and burnt 15 temples and many people are affected. However, at Gaibandha, Gobindragonj-Northan parts of Bangladesh, ethnic community groups are burnt and lost their houses and other belongings. They are now are staying in the open sky but unfortunately – ruling party is tight-lipped on this. The government should protect them because it is their duty. The people gave the opportunity to the government to serve and protect the rights of every citizen.

— Dr Chandan Sarkar, Human Rights activist, Dhaka

Bangladesh’s (futile) National Human Rights wakes up …

Meanwhile, Bangladesh’s National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has launched an investigation into the attacks. The head of its fact-finding committee said the violence was the result of a “pre-planned conspiracy”, and criticised local authorities for allowing the demonstrations that triggered the rioting to go ahead.

“The administration, including police, was negligent and callous in handling such a sensitive issue,” NHRC’s Enamul Hoque Chowdhury said. Ironically, the sheer ignorance of Bangladesh’s local administrative system and the Police force about attacks on Hindus is the unsolved matter of concern.

MEA must intervene

Now the time has come that the Indian government must intervene into the matter of attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh. The Sheikh Hasina government must be told to respect the dignity of Hindu community while the Muslims are on a verge to attack and kick out Hindus from their homes and region. India has an ethical right to guide Bangladesh on the issue of minorities as in India every minority enjoys the freedom of religion with expression with full protection of Indian Constitution and Law.

More important is the fact that the Hindus are facing similar attacks by Muslim miscreants in in the Indain state of West Bengal under the protection of CM Mamata Banerjee who refuses to accept the fact.  A noticable big ploy underway to throw out Hindus from entire Bengal.

Courtesy: NewsBharati