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Covid-19: Swayam Sevaks Serving the Society


In these testing times of pandemic, the RSS Swayam sevaks have rendered various services in the state of Telengana.

To list a few, till 10th of June 2021 are:

1. Helpline Centers have been established at 15 different places
2. 250 Swayamsevaks have supported or encouraged the setting up of Vaccination Centres at 30 different places
3. 112 Swayamsevaks were involved in setting up Isolation Centres in 5 Cities. 457 people have been served and 480 beds have been made available
4. 24 Swayamsevaks have facilitated the setting up of a 65-Bed Covid Care Centre (all equipped with oxygen Supply) and 49 people have been served at that Centre
5. 70 Swayamsevaks have extended cooperation at 9 Covid Care Centres in 9 different cities
6. 9050 people have received online medical advice from 181 doctors in the State
7. 1100 food packets have been distributed to families of patients across 35 different places
8. 5890 standard units of Blood have been donated across 90 different places
9. Plasma Donation has been facilitated for 85 people across 12 different places
10. Ayurvedic decoction has been distributed to 1250 people at 8 different locations
11. 280 Cremations have been performed at 36 different places
13. A shelter to the relatives of the patients has been set up and 40 people have been served hitherto
14. 650 packets of ‘Ayush 64’ decoction have been distributed
15. 120 Oxygen Concentrators have been procured and 405 people have been served at 60 different places
16. 8 Oxygen Cylinders have been procured and 26 people have been served Further, the following help has also been extended:
17. 4500 Ration Kits have been distributed amongst 18000 people across 336 different places
18. 690 food packets have been distributed across 35 different places
18. 700 Covid Medicine Kits have been distributed across 80 different places
20. 450 Pulse Oximeters have been distributed to 1400 people across 50 different places
21. 15,000 masks have been distributed, along with 4000 gloves, 6500 packs of Sanitizers and 400 PPE kits
22. 7 Ambulances have been pressed into service across 6 different places , benefitting 230 people
23. An amount of Ten Lakh Rupees has been distributed equally amongst 100 families across 40
different places