CPM goons launched attack at RSS Swayamsevak on Hindu Samrajya Diwas


    CPM activists allegedly attacked the house of a Sangh Swayamsevak in Karivelloor, a CPM-dominated village near Payyannoor in Kannur district, Kerala. The attack was reportedly triggered by the family’s decision to host a Hindu Samrajya Diwas event, an RSS program commemorating the coronation of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. This event is one of the six major functions celebrated by the RSS in its shakhas.

    The event took place at the home of BJP Mandal Committee member Kundathil Balan and was attended by approximately 20 people. Over a hundred CPM members surrounded the house, raising threatening slogans for three hours.

    The incident began after the conclusion of the Hindu Samrajya Diwas program. CPM supporters reportedly surrounded the house of Kundathil Balan at around 7 pm, physically assaulting attendees and damaging vehicles.

    The siege continued until 10 pm when the police arrived, during which time the attackers shouted slogans against the RSS and BJP. The attendees, including RSS and BJP workers, were unable to leave the house due to the ongoing hostility. Prior to the attack, social media rumours falsely claimed that RSS members were preparing for violence.

    The attack sparked protests in the area, highlighting the increasing tensions as BJP’s vote share has risen in traditional CPM strongholds. In response, the BJP Mandalam President filed a complaint with the local police station, leading to the registration of a case against more than 10 CPM members.

    Former BJP state president C.K. Padmanabhan addressed a protest meeting, vowing that his party would combat and overcome what he termed the CPM’s fascism. BJP leaders also visited Balan’s house to show their support.

    CPM’s sinister retaliation tactics did not end on Thursday. On Friday morning, DySP Umesh and his team recovered a rusty sword and two iron rods from the scene. The BJP alleged that these weapons were left behind by the CPM members who had stormed the house premises. The police registered a case for the seizure of the weapons but have not charged anyone yet.

    Following a complaint by BJP Mandal president Panakkil Balakrishnan, the police filed a case against 106 CPM members. Among those booked by the Payyannur police are CP Anish, Girish, P. Ramesan, Arun, Surendran, and a bank employee named Prasobh.

    This incident is seen as a reflection of the ongoing violent rivalry between the CPM and Sangh-affiliated organisations. Over the years, CPM has been accused of intolerance towards other ideologies, with RSS and BJP members frequently targeted. The conflict has claimed the lives of over 225 Sangh workers, primarily in Kannur district. The violence dates back to April 28, 1969, when RSS worker Vadakkal Ramakrishnan became the first casualty.

    Crude bombs have been detonating in various parts of Kannur since the election results were announced, revealing that the CPM secured only one seat out of 20. Adding to their setback, the BJP won the Thrissur seat.

    Notably, Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha state vice president K.T. Jayakrishnan Master was murdered on December 1, 1999, while teaching in a classroom, an event that left lasting trauma on the students present. This latest attack suggests that the CPM continues to pursue a strategy of physical elimination of its ideological and political opponents.