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India has a legitimate claim for a permanent seat in the UNSC: Mohan Bhagwat ji


The only legitimate claim for a seat in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) with veto power rests with India and no one else, said RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat at an event in Dadar on Friday. Bhagwat was the keynote speaker at the conference organized by the Indian International Model United Nations’ (IIMUN), an organisation that has been pressing for a permanent seat in the UNSC for the last two years.

Since the world follows the most powerful, there is a need to make our nation equally powerful, said Bhagwat, while addressing hundreds of school students.

“Youth will make up for 56% of the country’s population in the near future and they have to be united in achieving the common goal,” said Bhagwat. He added that the process of making ourselves capable of the country should start right now and once the strength is achieved and we become powerful – in terms of economic, social and military – we should take what is rightfully ours, said Bhagwat. “The world will only believe you, when you have the strength. And strength will come from the youth. We will have to raise our voice to demand the permanent seat in the UNSC,” he said.

The founder of IIMUN, Rishabh Shah, said that their platform is apolitical and they have had representations from various political parties in the past and RSS as an organisation too have had several achievements to their credit.

Courtesy: Times of India