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Kashmiri Terrorists Lost Support – Sri Ram Madhav


Kozhikode (VSK). RSS Akhil Bharatiya Karyakarini Sadasya Ram Madhav said in Kozhikode, on August 26, that Kashmiri terrorists lost support since the abrogation of Article 370. He was addressing the ‘Amritashatam Vyakhyanmala’ programme, organised by Kesari Malayalam weekly, on “Jammu Kashmir – Past and Present”.

Majority of the people of Kashmir are now happy. People are not interested in protests. The state is generally calm and quiet. Gone are the days when the state suffered stone pelting in three hundred different places, in the state, on a single day. The culprits’ ‘terrorist life’ does not last for more than three months.

Ram Madhav said, movies were alien to the state for several years together. But, these days, people enjoy even Hollywood movies. Now, the state is the best tourist spot in the country. Last year 80 lakhs tourists visited the state. This year, the state is to hit two crores. The Panchayati Raj system in Jammu Kashmir is the model for the entire country. The dignity and security of Kashmiri Pandits are ensured. Kashmiri Pandits got their lands back except for those which were transacted through forceful means. About 7,000 job opportunities have been created for them. Actions have been initiated for ensuring justice to the cases in connection with the murders committed by the terrorists.

Article 370 was included in the Constitution in an illegal manner. But the union government applied legal procedures to abrogate this Article on August 5, 2019. Arguments used to hit the headlines that bloodbath and riots would follow the abrogation of Article 370. But nothing happened.

Ram Madhav added that the abrogation of ‘illegal’ Article 370 did not affect the common people at all, but a section of political leadership. A government, with willpower, could delete an ‘illegal article’ in a few hours.

Col. P. Prabhakara Kurup presided the event. Former Income Tax Chief Commissioner P.N. Devadas and Hindustan Prakashan Trust member T.V. Venugopal were present. The next speech in the series is on September 10.

Lecture series have drawn the attention of the genuine intellectual class in Malabar since its inception. They wait for speeches after speeches. It has proved that people are still interested to hear about serious matters like nationality, Hindutva, Constitution, etc. People are still interested to hear about the culture. This happens despite the cultural invasion of the communists and the jihadis and the adamant stand the so-called intellectuals, poets and the self-styled cultural leaders which one comes across in the state in abundant number.

RSS Sarsaghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagavat Ji is scheduled to deliver a speech as part of the series. ‘Amrithashatam Vyakhyanmala’ is similar to ‘Vasanta Vyakhyanmala’ taking place in Pune.

Kesari has been conducting quite relevant programmes since the inauguration of “Kesari Bhavan” in Kozhikode.