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Life should be made “yogamay” with Yoga – Dattatreya Hosabale Ji


RSS Sah Sarkaryavah Dattatreya Hosabale Ji has said that Yoga is a way of life and everybody should make Yoga part of his life to make it a “yogmaya” life.

While releasing the Yoga Special issue of the Avadh Prahari fortnightly magazine in Lucknow, on June 18,2017, Dattatreya Ji said all the 18 chapters of Gita touch on Yoga. Our ancestors gave us Yoga thousands of years ago. It is essential to know about it. Ashtaang Yoga has Aasan as one of its part and “pranayaam” as another. But it has six other parts. Yoga joins body and mind. It is difficult to keep the mind focused. But when the mind is engaged in constructive activities, and is not working against anybody, but instead is busy in social welfare activities, then it is easy to keep it focused. Doing “asan” and “pranayaam” is just the beginning of Yoga. We should try to imbibe the complete Yoga. Yoga opens doors to the wider world and helps control the mind.

He said Bharat has offered Yoga to the entire world and we the Hindus and Bharatiya’s feel proud of it.

Talking about environment he expressed concerned at rapid degradation in environment all over the world, including in India. He said in the past we had a tradition that on all occasions and in all programmes we would express concern at environment. The 5000 years old civilization of ours adopted “mantras” and rules for the protection of environment. Whatever degradation of environment is taking place today, we all are responsible for it. Whatever is happening all over the world is happening in India as well, the country which gave Ayurveda, Yoga, and disciplined way of life.

Avadh prant sanghchalak Dr. Harmesh Chauhan Ji also spoke on the occasion. Sanyukat Kshetra Prachar pramukh Kripashankar Ji, Treasurer of Bharatiya  Punaruthan Samiti Babulal Sharma Ji and Editor of the magazine Ramkumar Verma Ji were also present on the stage.

Courtesy: VSK Bharat