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Nation Must Have One Voice At Challenging Times – Indresh Kumar Ji


Forum for Awareness of National Security (FANS) Chief patron and RSS Akhil Bhartiya karyakarini Sadasya Indresh Kumar Ji has said that people must have one voice at challenging times. Speaking at a programme by FANS, Jharkhand unit, here on the topic of ‘One Nation One Voice’, he took on those supporting triple ‘Talaaq’ and questioning surgical strike in PoK and said that they were trying to destroy the basics of India as a nation.

In a programme where dignitaries like The Pioneer, Jharkhand, MD Pawan Bajaj, Central University (Ranchi) VC Nand Kumar Yadav ‘Indu’, Chhattisgarh Waqf Board Chairman Md. Saleem Ashrafi, FANS General Secretary Golak Bihari, FANS Jharkhand Vice Chairman Dr. Shahid Akhtar, Prabhat Khabar Sr. Editor (Jharkhand) Anuj Sinha and many others were present, Kumar questioned All India Muslim Personal Law Board and others who were creating hurdles in the way of freedom of Muslim women.

“Muslims were not Muslims before Islam came into existence, and Christians were not Christians prior to 2,100 years ago. But Mother India was there from down the centuries and centenaries.” He asked them to go back and enquire about their ancestors before Islam came into existence, and they would come to know that they were sons and daughters of Ram, Krishna and Pandavas.

He also took on those Muslims supporting triple talaaq, saying that it was neither raised by the government nor the BJP or RSS or any other organization. “This issue has been raised by the 50% population (women) of Muslims, who after not getting justice from anywhere within their own community went to the Supreme Court of the India, their last hope and rightly so,” Indresh Kumar Ji said.

He also named Muslim Personal Law Board a bunch of politically motivated NGO, which couldn’t even represent the entire Muslim community of the country. “There was no such body before 1972, and one fine morning one organization with this name popped up claiming that it represented Muslims of India,” he said. He also requested people to boycott Chinese products this Diwali, as China was openly backing Pakistan and was creating hurdles at many fronts in getting India out of Pak sponsored terrorism.

Laying the foundation of the debate, Pawan Bajaj said that apparently deliberate efforts were being made at understanding the very basic meaning of ‘One Nation One Voice’. “On the other day, someone asked me if ‘one nation one voice’ means that everyone will have to utter ‘Jai Sri Ram’. I want to say people like them that this is not the case. A nation is not a geographical location. It is not made by/of its boundaries. It is made of its people, their culture, tradition, religion, their belief and faith. For me, ‘One Nation One Voice’ only means that the citizens must have one voice while dealing with the issues that are important in terms of identity, values, pride and people of the country.”

He added that the country possessed only one flag, anthem, song, bird, and lot many things. This oneness must extend to the voices and opinions being put at the time of dealing with national issues. Bajaj also came down heavily on those raising questions on recently carried surgical strike. He also requested people not to give caste and religion coating to every other issue only for the sake of petty politics.

Taking the subject forward, Prabhat Khabar Sr. Editor (Jharkhand) Anuj Sinha said that India had a long history of speaking in one voice whenever it was required. Citing example of 1971 when Bangladesh was separated, he said, “BJP was not in existence at that time. However, former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee even being in opposition in Lok Sabha representing Jansangh, praised the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi with open heart and words only because he valued national interest over political differences.” Sinha said that political differences must be shunned whenever an issue of national interest came forward like the ones of surgical strike.

Meanwhile, those in favour of triple talaaq and questioning surgical strike couldn’t get any harder blow by none other than Chhattisgarh Waqf Board Chairman Saleem Ashrafi. He hammered Pakistan and Muslims orchestrating terrorism and suppressing women and children across borders, and said that they were not even Muslims. “Those sitting in Pakistan and spreading hate and terrorism can’t be Muslims. A country called Pakistan which came into existence on sheer oblation of India only because of a couple of misguided politicians at the time of Independence has now become challenge for humanity across the world. They want to destroy our mixed culture and are destined to be failed,” said Ashrafi. He also appealed Muslims of the country to become liberal and respect Indian Constitution. Ranchi University Registrar Amar Kumar Chaudhary and Prof Sandeep Kumar of ISM, Pundag were also present.