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Nischay, a CBSE topper devotes regular time for social work too


Nishchay is All-India No. 3 amongst the specially-abled by virtue of his 97 percent marks

Nishchay has shown us how to deal firmly with adverse circumstances. In the recently declared CBSE results for 10+2, Nishchay secured All-India Rank 3rd rank in the ‘Specially-Abled’ category. Well before examinations, Nishchay resolved to secure more than 95 percent, rain or shine. Nishchay is extremely happy with his success.

Nishchay is of view that attending the school regularly combined with five hours of self-study is essential. “I did the same,” beams Nishchay, who who is from the Arts Faculty, wanted  to become a psychologist.

Has a penchant for Social-Work
Those who attend the ‘Shaakha’ of RSS regularly have a natural and strong inclination for social activities. During summer holidays, Nishchay along with his father Hemant Kohli and elder brother Yasharth, provides free tuitions to students. He also takes active part in cleanliness related activities.

He devotes the credit of his success to his parents, elder brother and his teachers at his school – Vedvyas DAV Public School. His mother, Poonam Kohli, adds that right from the beginning, Nishchay was focussed on his studies. So much so, he even used to skip functions and parties. His family too never compelled him to accompany them for social events. He had started taking coaching for the English subject about five months before exams. He studied on his own for remaining subjects.

When Nishchay was in First standard, he encountered problems with his gait. On diagnosis, it was revealed that he suffered from weakness of bones. He had what is called ‘Locomotor Impairment’ in medical terminology. He encountered short sightedness (a vision defect in which distant things are not visible clearly) while he was in Second standard. Nishchay’s mom Poonam Kohli informs that be it family or school, her son never considered himself as disabled and never ever craved for sympathy.

By Gautam Kumar Mishra, Western Delhi

Courtesy: Dainik Jagaran