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Bhagyanagar – RSS Sarsanghchalak inspires swayamsevaks of IT Milans


On 17th February 2024, RSS IT Milans Bhagyanagar organized a Pariwar Sammelan at Sandhya Convention, Gachibowli. IT Milan swayamsevaks and Balagokulam Sikshaks took part in the in the karyakram along with their families.

To take part in this sammelan, swayamsevaks were required to attend a minimum of five milans between 1 November and the karyakram day. Similarly, Balagokulam shikshakas had to run Balagokulams five times during the period to be eligible for the sammelan.

A considerable jump in attendance was reported across Milans in the Mahanagar due to enthusiasm for this sammelan. IT Milans Sah Karywaha Shri Lakshman Rao ji stated that this led to the establishment of 21 new IT milans and the inclusion of 800 new IT professionals to the IT Milans.

Currently, every weekend, 91 IT Milans are being conducted across the Bhagyanagar.  There are 57 Balagokulams running across the twin city. Around 150 karyakartas, mostly Matrumurthi’s are involved in running these Balagokulams with around 1500 children attending Balagokulams weekly.

The sammelan was graced by the august presence of Parampujya Sarsanghchalak Shri Mohanji Bhagwat. Present with him, on the dais, were mukhya athithi Shri Srinivas Reddy ji – general manager and MD of Kofax India, mananeeya Kshetra Sanghchalak Shri V Nagaraj ji, Telangana Prant Sanghchalak mananeeya Shri Sunder Reddy ji and Sambhag Sanghchalak mananeeya Dr. Shri Krishna Prasad ji.

Mukhya athithi Shri Srinivas Reddy ji in his address lauded the progress Bharath has achieved in all spheres , particularly in economic arena, in the last two decades.

Life in Bharath now is as good as its anywhere in the world and Bhartiyas living abroad are contemplating return to the country because of opportunities the nation offers. Demography of Bharath has all ingredients needed to make the nation an economic powerhouse. He also commended the work being done by RSS and its allied organisations in all walks of social life.

In his address, Parampujya Sarsanghchalak Shri Mohanji Bhagwat said the genesis of RSS was unification of society. We have previously been invaded, vanquished, and taken as slaves by seven foreign powers, including the British. It was not the strength of any invaders that defeated us, but rather our own disunity. Dr. Hedgewar ji started RSS to organise and awaken Hindu society based on Hindutva, which alone can transcend all differences.

We got a glimpse of how Hindutva can transcend all divisions when people from every caste, language, region, and political affiliation celebrated the Pran Pratishtha of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya on January 22.

Diversity is accepted in our civilization. We have been one and will remain one despite diversity because we are Hindus. Our Sanskriti teaches us to accept diversity. Hindutva is characterised by unity in diversity, sacrifice, self-control and a spirit of gratitude.

In the Hindu perspective, the fundamental unit of society is the family, not the individual. Sarsanghchalaki urged swayamsevals to quit ‘vyaktivaad’ (individualism) and live harmoniously with everyone.

While materialist success is something we should strive for, it does not provide the everlasting bliss that everyone desires. Real happiness lies in utilising the wealth for the wellbeing of people around us, not merely fulfilling our own materialistic desires.

It is frivolous to argue over who is superior between a man and a woman. They are complimentary to each other. He called on the matrusakhti to join Sevika Samithi and lend their support to nation-building process.

He urged parents to not leave the responsibility of educating kids with schools alone. Family and society also play key role is shaping the outlook of children towards our nation and culture. We should ensure we talk to our children in our matrubasha alone at home.

Bharath will show the path of happiness and satisfaction to the world as we consider the entire world as family. World should learn from the art of living harmoniously, not the otherwise.

Senior corporate executives who have previously attended IT Milan karyakrams as mukhya-athidhis and Professors from Premium educational institutions were also invited to the karyakram.

In an adjacent auditorium, Bala Vibhag arranged a range of Khel activities to impart samskara and patriotism to children. A total of 1051 men, 548 female and 505 children attended the pariwar sammelan.