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RSS calls for peace in Manipur; 532 blankets and study materials distributed to the IDPs


In a bid to promote peace and solidarity in the troubled region of Manipur, RSS Akhil Bharatiya karyakarini Sadasya V. Bhagaiah Ji, addressed a gathering of around 600 during a programme jointly organised by Seva Bharati Manipur and Manipur Seva Samiti on December 12. The event took place at the government-run shelter home at Sawombung in the Imphal East district. Bhagaiah Ji, is on a 3-day visit to the state, emphasised the need for collective efforts to restore normalcy despite the prevailing challenging situation.

Addressing the displaced population, Bhagaiah Ji expressed a sense of unity, stating that all the attendees were part of one large family and referring to them as the sons and daughters of Bharat Mata. He highlighted the importance of a collective effort to bring about peace and stability in Manipur, urging everyone to contribute towards the betterment of the region.

As part of the program, 532 blankets and study materials were distributed to the IDPs, providing much-needed relief to those affected by displacement. Additionally, 75 students were recipients of educational materials, reinforcing Bhagaiah Ji’s call for a focus on the education of children amid challenging circumstances.

He also extended his concern and compassion to the ailing elderly staying at the temporary shelter. This gesture showcased the organisation’s commitment to not only address immediate material needs but also to provide emotional support to those enduring difficult times.

It is noteworthy that Manipur Seva Samiti and Seva Bharati Manipur had previously collaborated to distribute around 150 blankets and essential items to internally displaced people at the relief camp set up at Lambo Khong Nang Khong on December 10. This joint initiative reflects the commitment of these organisations to actively participate in providing assistance to those affected by displacement.

The call for peace and unity resonates at a time when Manipur faces challenges that demand a collective response from all sections of society.

In his closing remarks, Bhagaiah Ji reiterated the significance of education as a tool for empowerment and urged the displaced people to focus on the academic development of their children. The appeal reflects the broader vision of fostering a resilient and educated generation capable of contributing positively to the future of Manipur.

Courtesy : VSK BHARATH