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Say ‘no’ to wishful thinking once again


The ‘naysayers’ world over have proved themselves wrong, whether it is Brexit, the much-talked about Trump election and finally, all about Narendra Modi

There is one unmistakable class of people around the world that wouldn’t accept anything that doesn’t suit their desire. These people resort to wishful thinking and they want things to happen in a certain way. They create opinion, dominate public debate and invade every pseudo-intellectual forum just to propagate their notion of how things should be.

They even begin seeing the world moving as per their wish, albeit whatever be the reality. But when things do happen differently, their faith in the world crashes to the social abyss. And, since they cannot handle this heartbreak, they paint doomsday for the world with whatever just happened.

They just cannot accept anything that is not in line with their wish: it could be a mandate in democracy, a ruling of the supreme judiciary or the wisdom of the best minds. This group of people wouldn’t accept anything that is not their wish — No No Sapiens!

 Consider Brexit. While the majority of the British had leaned towards it, particularly the Scottish people being in no doubt about it, the No No Sapiens decided it was bad for England. They rallied against it, created opinion, took to public debate and did everything possible in their capacity to scuttle what finally was the actual public opinion.

And, when the power of democracy took a decision, they saw apocalypse happening at their front door. They derided democracy and lamented for being the only few, who knew what was best for their world.

Donald Trump’s election followed a similar path. In a democracy, what is chosen is people’s voice, and not an academic distinction of what is right or what is wrong. The American people rallied behind Trump, right from the very beginning. He won most public polls and debates. But No No Sapiens saw the sun rising exactly in the opposite direction and defended their own skewed vision.

When they saw in the results of election their absolute failure to stay in touch with reality, they began professing how historically a mistake has been made by the oldest democracy of the world. Their self righteousness is far from being proven. But they do feel most righteous when they are least right.

 The case with this elite class that has dominated Indian media and talk clubs is no different. The No No Sapiens are among us in every visible forum of the nation. They painted Prime Minister Narendra  Modi as the incarnation of the worst demon when he began moving upwards in people’s heart three years ago. They professed a sooth that India will break into a million pieces in religious unrest and anarchy, should he come to power as the Prime Minister.

They said that he will never make it to the Lutyens’ Delhi.  But when the people of India proved them hugely wrong and exercised their power of choosing their date with future, the No No Sapiens felt unsettled.  But they took to every means and media to keep trumpeting their sooth that every decision the popular Prime Minister took was an inch closer to national disaster.

But what we are today and what kind of tryst we have with the destiny is all a clear pinnacle of coveted opportunity that we cherish and feel proud about. World over, India’s march into future and glory are a matter of contemporary envy. India is firm-footed and fiercely progressive. The criticism of those with their weird vested interest keeps falling by the wayside into the insignificance of our national life.

By VK Saxena

(The writer is Chairman, Khadi & Village Industries Commission)

Courtesy: The Pioneer