Kerala – SFI insulted Bharat Mata and National Flag


    Kasaragod Central University SFI Unit insulted Bharat Mata and National Flag. Even the national flag was depicted in an insulting manner in the posters of the arts festival called Kangama. The posters were removed in the evening as the protest intensified.

    A woman was depicted standing naked and wearing the national flag in tears. The poster was put up in the campus since last day. ABVP activists removed the posters from the campus. But with the help of police and university authorities, it was put back. After the posters reappeared in the morning, the ABVP had called the VC and lodged a complaint. But the answer was that the student council should be called and to decide on this matter. The festival is from 26th to 29th of this month. There were also posters with Kangama’s name on them, with a picture of a watermelon, indicating the issue of Palestine.

    In the incident, the ABVP came forward and raised protest against SFI’s henious act and against VC as well. ABVP Central Working Committee member NCT Srihari said that if the VC is going in tandem with the anti-nationals, after while tax payer’s money as salary, VC won’t be allowed to leave the university.