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US Congressional hearing was about Hindu bashing and peddling fake narrative on Kashmir

Kashmiri women walk past Indian policemen standing guard in a street in Srinagar October 31, 2019. REUTERS/Danish Ismail - RC17F0FCD260

It looked like a campaign against Hinduism and Hindus by radical Islamists of the genre of Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood. Repetition of a lie doesn’t make it a truth.

After attending the recent US Congressional hearings on religious freedom, the conclusion I reached was that the whole deposition by human rights lawyers appeared to be scripted and devoid of any facts. It almost looked like a campaign against Hinduism and Hindus by radical Islamists of the genre of the Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood. There were shouts of azadi from some radical Pakistani fanatics, hearing which writer and political commentator Sunanda Vashisht, who was testifying at the hearing, offered to leave the hearing.

The narrative and speaking points of all human rights lawyers follow a script as if given by one source. The narrative was given by some force running a campaign against India and Hindus specifically. There was an attempt to paint Hindus as aggressors, which was effectively debunked by Vashisht. The narrative was: the genocide of Muslims was going on in Kashmir; and since most Muslims did not have access to internet so their basic human rights were being violated.

Most of these speaking points are the usual speaking points supplied by Pakistan and now also the Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood and Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in the United States have been supporting Pakistan in creating a Wahhabi narrative against Hindus. But lying won’t take them far.

Sunanda Vashisht was the only sensible voice on the panel who actually silenced the lies peddled by the other panellists. She concluded her powerful address by saying “I am a proud daughter of Kashmir. Terrorism has uprooted me and snatched my home from me. I hope my human rights are restored too someday.” And in her closing statement she said: “There is no Kashmir without India and there is no India without Kashmir.”

Anurima Bhargava, the commissioner of United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) was a total disgrace. Her religious freedom argument focused only on the religious freedom of Muslims but did not recognise the religious freedom of Hindus. She clearly believes that Muslims and Hindus are two nations, as the British did. Nor did she recognise the exodus of Kashmiri Hindus from Kashmir because of Islamic atrocities. The ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Kashmir is no longer being discussed, because Hindus have remained silent for a long time. Islamic jihadis have suddenly started calling Hindus terrorists to hide their own history of violence. They want to present a narrative that violence is done by all parties but they fail to understand that the one who initiates it is the aggressor and cannot claim victimhood. The killing of Hindus in Kashmir in the late 1980s and early 1990s, has given all rights of defence to Hindus. USCIRF needs more honest commissioners.

Pramila Jayapal went out of her way to testify that she felt that there was no religious freedom in Chennai and that she personally felt threatened in India. Being a serving Congress Representative from Washington 7th Congressional District, her testimony on Panel I was the most deceitful of all. She parroted boilerplate Wahhabi accusations against India and Hindus. Jayapal may be trying to please her Wahhabi-leaning Democrat friends such as Ilhan Omar for some campaign money for her upcoming election. But Hindu Americans must watch out to ensure that she gets defeated from WA7. After bashing Hindus, she had the shamelessness to come to a Diwali dinner hosted by Hindus from Swaminarayan BAPS. Her other anti Hindu, anti India colleague, Ro Khanna also joined her at the dinner, after having sought to demonise and damn the entire community in multiple fora.

Arjun Sethi, Sehla Ashai and Yousra Fazili, Hindu hater lawyers all, had nothing substantial to add other than peddling lies. Their testimonies were based on hearsay of the kind perfected by the ISI and jihadist propaganda. The fact that they were on the panel shows that Democrats are infiltrated by Wahhabis. This is an alarming wake up call for Christians, Jews, moderate Muslims and Hindus of North America.

The Muslim Brotherhood backer CAIR, the Pakistani sponsors of terrorism and Palestinians engaged in a war with Israel and India are collaborating to spread lies to misguide Democrat Representatives such as James McGovern. The stories of “Muslim victimhood” (in a context where the genocidally removed minorities of Pakistan have been forgotten, as also the Christians murdered by Wahhabis in the Middle East) are planted to beguile Congress Representatives. They offer no proof of their claims, with most of it based on hearsay. The politics of aggressive allegations played by Wahhabi apologists and strategists is going to hurt the impression about their faith more than what they can think of. The real problem is “Kafirphobia”.

The US as a sovereign nation needs to control these hearings and prevent fake propaganda appearing as truth. Repetition of a lie doesn’t make it a truth. These types of sham hearings bring the reputation of the US down in front of global audiences. If the US wants to maintain its leadership in the world, it needs to control the influence of Middle Eastern Islamic politics on its institutions. If that doesn’t happen then it is the beginning of the end of America’s global leadership. The maximum incidents of human rights violations are caused by Islamic countries and Islamic societies globally. They cannot be allowed to be the judge of their own human rights violations. Tom Lantos, an American patriot and a holocaust believer won’t be happy looking at the quality of these fake narratives of victimhood by Wahhabi sympathisers and dupes, the kind who armed, trained and fed those who later joined the ISIS and Al Qaeda.

The two congressional hearings have jolted Hindu Americans to the core about how lies can be used effectively against them through the Democratic Party Representatives of the US Congress. It is no wonder that Hindu Americans are becoming increasingly Republican. Hindus are the victims of jihad for the last 1,000 years and this is forgotten by these Democrat Representatives. Hindu Americans have their basic human rights to protect themselves against any aggression coming from the jihadis. Those in America opposed to Wahhabi extremism and violence must unite to have a united political voice in state and federal administrations. In particular, Hindus should work to be on councils and school boards across the US to spread the beauty of Sanatan Dharma, which is based on truth and justice.

Source : Sunday Guardian