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World Environment Day 2023: 7 things that you can do to protect our environment


People across the globe observe World Environment Day or Eco Day on June 5 every year. The day’s main aim is to create awareness among people about the importance of nature and how we can prevent and conserve them. They also emphasize ways through which we can save nature. Several events are organized on this day by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). World Environment Day was celebrated for the first time in 1974.

This year’s World Environment Day theme is set as ‘Only One Earth’. Every year there is a different theme used to celebrate the day. On this, the UNEP organizes many different programmes to promote community involvement for the cause. These programmes focus on living sustainably and in peace with nature. People are also encouraged to plant new trees and also to opt for other ways through which we can preserve nature.

Many wildlife species are on the verge of getting extinct because of the exploitation of our environment with the activities like deforestation, pollution, and overgrazing. To save our wildlife, we can take these steps.

Establishing National Parks and Sanctuaries:

Even though our country has many National Parks and Sanctuaries, they should be established more to preserve the natural habitats of wild animals and birds.

Banning Killing or Capturing Endangered Species:

There are laws in India against hunting wild animals or using them for commercial exploitation. But there are still many cases of killing the endangered animals, and therefore, the laws should be strictly enforced.

Stopping unauthorized cutting of forest:

The forest trees are cut for timber and wood for fuel and this should stop—the natural habitat of wild animals and birds.

Surveys by Forest Officials:

A periodic survey should be conducted by the Department of Government in all forests regarding the conservation of wildlife. The knowledge about the population of all the species of wild animals and birds is necessary as it can be useful in the time of floods and famines.

Special Attention to Endangered Species:

The endangered species of wild animals and birds should get special attention to prevent their extinction.

Using Recycled Products:

Not just the government but even the citizens should help in saving the wildlife. It can be started with the little things like using recycled products. Every year many trees get cut down to manufacture paper products.

Avoid Using Products Made From Animal Fur or Skin:

Many coats, jackets or shoes are made from animal skin, and many animals get killed for this purpose. We should avoid using things made from animal skin.