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‘Amar’ Sama Jagan Mohan – When Maoists killed a Nationalist for protecting the National Flag


Many students who had a nationalist mindset were working with ABVP as activists and many of them have lost their lives in ideological. ‘Amar’ Sama Jagan Mohan Reddy was one of them. He was a man who resisted the alien ideologues like a soldier fighting for the honour of the national flag and didn’t even care for his life.

Born in a typical middle-class family in Warangal district, he was the only son to Sama Venkat Krishna Reddy – Anusuya couple. Jagan Mohan Reddy completed his graduation from Prestigious Nizam College, Hyderabad and joined in MA economics in Kakatiya University, Warangal and earned a gold medal and later on joined law course in the same University and was preparing for the civil exams.

In the 1980s, students on KU campus were threatened by the violence of Radical Student Union, Maoists. During the same time Sama Jagan Mohan Reddy with fellow students, as president of ABVP Kakatiya University unit, he led agitations on the student issues. He used to have a discussion with students on various issues of National interest and come up with many constructive programs.

On January 26, 1980, the Vice-Chancellor of university hoisted the national flag in the presence of students, faculty and non-teaching faculty. In the meantime, as they all were watching, the Radical Student Union (RSU) terrorists reached the place and brought down the unfurled Nation Flag and, in its place, hoisted a black flag and raised slogans such as bogus independence, bogus constitution. And tried to burn the National Flag.

Jagan Mohan Reddy then came forward from among the students and protested, resisted against them from continuing with the heinous act. With the help of a few students, he chased out the RSU terrorists from there and hoisted the National flag and raised the honour of the Nation.

The government then sought an inquiry into the humiliation of the flag. Justice Shriramulu had come to University for enquiry, but None of the students dared to come forward to testify against the RSU. Seeing this, Jagan Mohan became the main witness by revealing the names of the main culprits who committed the heinous act. The RSU and PWG followed Jagan on several occasions when he was going to court as the main witness and warned him that they will kill him if he doesn’t pull back from the case.

On April 28, 1982, after completing the court proceedings, Jagan was returning from the court in a rickshaw and as he reached the ever-crowded Hanmakonda Head Post Office, a group of Naxals who were waiting for him pounced on him and stabbed him to death.

Jagan became immortal (Amar) For protecting the National Flag and honouring the Constitution. Let us continue the legacy of Sama Jagan Mohan Reddy and chase out the forces that humiliate our Nation and enhance the dignity of our Nation.

Keshav Soni

(The author is Former State Executive Member ABVP – Telangana)