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Bajrang Dal to protest nationwide on 17th & 18th


New Delhi. VHP said today that after the COVID-19 pandemic subsided, while the whole country is trying to walk the talk of sustainable development, the Jihadi lunatics on their part are busy targeting Hindu organizations and Hindu society with full wildness to create terror in Hindu society. VHP’s Central Joint General Secretary Dr. Surendra Jain said that perhaps they want to recreate and replicate 1946. They must know that this is not the Hindu society of 1946.

He said that the latest incident is from Karimganj district of Assam. On January 8, 2023, a 16-year-old Karyakarta of Bajrang Dal was brutally murdered by a knife-wielding mob at Lovirpua in Karimganj. His only fault was that he was a Bajrang Dal Karyakarta and at that time he was returning from a Bajrang Dal camp. This is not an isolated incident. In the last 2 years, 9 Karyakartas of Bajrang Dal have been killed and 32 attacked by Jihadist lunatics. The Karyakartas of the uncompromisingly nationalist youth organization Bajrang Dal, having acted within constitutional norms, have expressed their righteous anger by protesting and giving memorandum democratically. It seems that the Jihadi lunatics consider that it is a manifestation of weakness on the part of the Bajrang Dal to live and act within constitutional and democratic norms. If the nationalist youths are forced to make a move in reaction, then the responsibility will be entirely on those Mullahs, clerics and fundamentalist leaders like the Owaisis whose poisonous inflammatory speeches and Jihadi avowal have been fuelling this rabid and suicidal frenzy.

Dr. Jain said that now the Jihadi rabidity has become a countrywide challenge to the nationalist society. Therefore, on January 17 and 18, 2023, Bajrang Dal will protest at district centres across the country and submit a memorandum for the President of Bharat through the District Magistrates, in which a nationwide plan will be presented to neutralise the rabid jihadist designs on Bharat. Such stringent action should be taken against the attackers and the leaders who instigated them, so that any such anti-national lunatic and lone-wolf anywhere would be compelled to think 10 times before treading this radical path.

After SIMI was banned, its indoctrinated cadres started working in the name of PFI. Now after the ban on PFI, they are busy spreading their terrorist activities by using some other names like Citizen Forum, etc. Not any nomenclature, but their main motivational force is the Jihadi ideology/worldview that despises refinement and celebrates nascence, greed, exclusivism and the lowest nature of man and promises global domination. To stop this, there is a need to create nationwide public opinion and take strict effective steps.

Jihadis have adopted a new strategy to attack Hindu leaders. For this purpose, they recruit indoctrinated Madrasa-pass-out minors and also minors trained in goat-butchering as they are already devoid of any sense of humanism but filled with cruelty and hatred. Therefore, there is a need to make a permanent provision in the Juvenile Act for punishing such crime-perpetrating so-called ‘minors’ as ‘adults’.

VHP cautions the Hindu society that now Jihadis have started a kind of war. In order to protect our life, property, mothers, sisters, daughters and the country, everyone has to be eternally vigilant and ready to face them.