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Body of seven days old kid donated to AIIMS


Baby Aanchal Gupta (son of Sh. Suraj Gupta & Smt. Aanchal Gupta) was born on 01.03.2017 at Max Patparganj. It brought joy in the family. However, the joy was short-lived. A few hours after the birth of the child, the parents were informed that his arteries were not right and the child has also suffered a mild-heart attack.

The family shifted the child to AIIMS. On the seventh day of his birth, Aanchal underwent open heart surgery which continued for six hours. The doctors at AIIMS had tried their best but the child could not survive and expired immediately after the operation on 07.03.2017.

Arvind Ji, the grandfather of Aanchal Gupta and Suraj are RSS workers. Arvind said “It came to my mind that my pota is dead, but if in his death, he could serve the cause of Medical Sciences, his brief visit to this planet would be successful ”. Arvind proposed that the body of baby Aanchal be donated to AIIMS. Suraj and Aanchal agreed there was some opposition from few family members. Arvind, Aanchal & Suraj stood firm, overruled the objections and requested the AIIMS to accept the gift of the dead body for the purpose of Medical Education.

The Gift was organized through the prompt help of Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti. The body of baby Aanchal was donated to the AIIMS at 11.30 pm in the Department of anatomy.

Dr. Balram Airan, the officiating Director of AIIMS said, “This gift is more precious as this body will teach our student some of the complex issues of human anatomy as this child of seven days suffered from peculiar cardiac situation”.

Sh. Ram Niwas Goyal, Speaker of the Delhi Assembly said, “Arvind’s family has showed an extreme courage and fortitude at the time of utter distress and then people of Delhi shall ever be thankful for this the ultimate sacrifice. This donation shall inspire big number of people and enhance the cause of strong and healthy India”.

Amit Kumar Singh

Office Secretary, Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti