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Citizens’ alertness imperative to ward off Pathankot like terror attacks: Wing Commander Bal Reddy ji


ABVP unit of University of Hyderabad commemorated the first anniversary of the deadly attacks on the Pathankot airbase in which 7 defense personnel and one civilian lost their lives. Students paid tribute to the martyrs by observing one minute silence and lighting candles in the campus premises on 5th January, 2017.

In a talk with gathered students, Shri Bal Reddy ji, Retd Wing Commander, said the aim of attack was to destroy high value asset like fighter planes, helicopters and missiles stationed at the airbase and lauded the commandos who neutralized terrorists before they could even get remotely near to the sensitive areas.

The Kargil war veteran expressed disappointment over the fact that media harped on security breaches but did not highlight the fact that not even a  single high value asset was damaged in the attack, which he attributed to the valor and alertness of the deployed security personnel.

He said government alone cannot ensure foolproof security unless the citizens pitch in and play proactive role. One billion alert citizens can act as 2 billion CCTV cameras and can thwart all plans of anti-national and anti-social elements.

 He urged students to develop trait of ‘Relaxed Awareness’ and observe happenings in their surroundings and alert the security departments if they observe any suspicious activity.

Shri Bal Reddy ji read the names of martyred soldiers when a group of terrorists attacked the Pathankot airbase.