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Construction of Mandir at Shri Rama Janmbhoomi Manifestation of the innate strength of Bharat



Akhil Bharatiya PratinidhiSabha, Bengaluru

Yugabda 5122 -19-20March,2021

ABPS Resolution 1 :

The unanimous verdict on Shri RamJanmbhoomiby the honorable Supreme Court followed by the formation of a public trust “Shri RamJanmbhoomiTeerth Kshetra” for the construction of the Shri Ram mandir, the sacred ritual for commencing the grand mandir construction, and the NidhiSamarpan campaign have become a golden page in the history of Bharat that shall also inspire generations to come.

The ABPS is of the considered opinion that through the aforesaid program the intrinsic strength of Bharat has beenenvigorated and these programs became the unique symbol of spiritual awakening, national integration, social harmony, goodwill and dedication.

OnBhadrapad Krishna Dwiteeya, yugabda 5122 (5th Aug 2020) entire world elatedly stood witness to the hallowed program of the beginning of temple construction in the esteemed presence of the Honorable Prime Minister of Bharat, Pujaniya Sarasanghachalak of RSS, trustees of Shri RamJanmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra and venerable Saints, Seers and Dharmacharyas of all sects. The ritual was consecrated withsacred soil from the all pilgrim centers and water from all the holy rivers of Bharat. Keeping in view of all the regulations during the height of the Covid 19 pandemic, the gathering was kept limited in number but its impact was unlimited. Physical presence was finite but the entire Hindu societyjoined the program through virtual media. All sections of society and political parties welcomed this event unanimously.

Starting with the contribution from the first citizen Honorable President of Bharat, and from Bhagwan Valmiki mandir in Dehli on the auspicious day of makarasankranti, the 44-day-long “NidhiSamparnAbhiyan” has indeed been the biggest outreach campaign in thehistory of world. Over 12 crores of Rambhakt families from about 5.5 lakh cities and villages have contributed to the construction of the grand mandir. All the sections and sects of the society overwhelmingly participated in this campaign. People from rural, urban to forest and hilly areas, from rich to ordinary people contributed wholeheartedly to make this campaign a success. The ABPS congratulates all Rambhaktsfor this unparalleled enthusiasm and support.

This campaign has proved once again that the entire country is always connected emotively with Shri Ram. The ABPS appeals to all Ram bhakts including social and religious institutions, educationists and intellectuals of the country to make meaningful efforts so that Shri Ram’s ideals permeate through the society. Along with the construction of the grand mandirat the Shri Ram Janmbhoomi in Ayodhya,the social and national life inspired by the values of Shri Ram will be established through collective resolve and efforts. This willpave the way for building a strong and glorious Bharat which in turn will ensure the wellbeing of the whole world.