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Deadly Cocktail Combination of Marxist-Jehadi Nexus Behind Murder of Ramith in Kerala


The gruesome killing of our dear swayamsevak Ramith by the CPM goons on 12-10-2016 near his home at Pinarayi was really a shock to all karyakartas and swayamsevaks of our (Kannur) district. He was killed when he went out to buy medicines for his niece. Ramith was attacked by a member of trained CPM goons, initially with iron rods and thereafter with daggers and swords. He was declared dead at hospital. He was just 26 years old. He was the sole backbone of his family consisting of mother and sister. Ramith’s house belonged to Pinrayi Panchayat, the place of Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarai Vijayan.

The attempts to kill Ramith were planned long back. Immediately after elections results his house was attacked on 19-May-2016 and his mother was threatened by warnings that son Remith will be killed. Prior to that, on two occasions wreaths were laid in front of his house, in order to threaten him with dire consequences in the event of his association with our activities. The entire family was socially boycotted by communist party leaders and openly declared that the family of Uthaman will not be allowed to have a decent living at Pinarayi. Shop owners were instructed to keep away from the family of Ramith. It is not a tit for tat, as painted now by the media, but a pre-planned murder carried out as instructed by the party leadership.


The father of Ramith, Sri Uthaman happened to be our strong worker who was instrumental in raising nationalist organizations around his place namely Chavassery near Mattanur, which was once a CPM stronghold. He was in forefront in questioning the atrocities created by CPM and acted as a backbone for our activities till his last breath. His activities proved dear for CPM, as hordes of CPM men started flocking towards Sangh in legions and this caused vengeance in the hearts of CPM leadership. He was a bus driver by profession. He was killed on May 22, 2002, in a broad day light by stopping his bus after throwing bombs, while bus was heading to Irity. He was in driver’s seat when he was hacked to death. He was attacked with swords and died at the spot. Just like warnings made on the life of Ramith, Sri Uthaman was also threatened by district leaders of CPM then. In many public meetings, it was openly declared that Sri Uthaman will be killed. The selected goons were brought together and interestingly some Islamic men were also involved in his killing. On the next day, 23-May-2002, after attending his cremation, while his family members were returning in a jeep, it was attacked by hurling bombs on it and an aged mother, Ammu Amma was dragged out of the vehicle and bombs were thrown on her chest while she was begging for life with folded hands. The driver of the jeep namely, Shihab and Ammu Amma were seriously injured in bomb attack and they succumbed to the injuries on the same day.


In the killing of Sri Uthaman, the role of Jihadi angle was evident, now as the names of assailants in the killing of Remith are coming out, there appears an apparent role of Jihadi elements who are successful in reaching the strategic centers of CPM. It is learnt that Raheem, a dreaded criminal with jihadi background was the man instrumental behind killing of Remith. Earlier also Raheem had intimidated Remith while he had gone to buy provisions. Raheem and his younger brother were instrumental in the attacks made on several homes on 19-05-2016.


The deadly cocktail combination of Marxist-Jihadi nexus is now crystal clear and has to be taken care of with utmost care and consideration.

By J Nandakumar, RSS Akhil Bharatiya Sah Prachar Pramukh

Courtesy: VSK Bharat