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‘Hartal’ At The Cost of Hari Taal

The Communists themselves admit that their theory of the State as a permanent dictatorship is a weakness in their political philosophy. They take shelter under the plea that the State will ultimately wither away. …The only thing which could sustain it after force is withdrawn is Religion. But to the Communists Religion is anathema. —Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar : Writings and Speeches, Vol III, Pp. 459-60
Since the Left Front government has taken over the reins in Kerala, it is coming up with bizarre comments and dictates, mainly hitting at the culture and traditions of this country. From Janmashtami to Onam the government with allegiance to Communist ideology is leaving no chance to undermine the indigenous culture.
Firstly, during Janmashtami procession, Communists depicted their perverted mindset by using the occasion to instigate communal tensions by depicting Hindu-Muslim riots by RSS and crucified Sri Narayan Guru, the great saint and social reformer, on tableaus. This obviously invited wrath all over Kerala across sections. Communists are not known to be great admirers of Sri Krishna and his path of Bhakti, still as a blind imitation of Shobhayatras organised at the behest of Balagokulam, they followed suit from last year but could not resist from the ideology of violence and divisions. Perhaps, they should have displayed the real picture of Kannur where ‘Adharma’ and ‘Himsa’ is being practiced at its best to perpetuate power.
In another incident, an important minister in the Pinarayi Vijayan led government declared recitation of prayers and lighting of traditional lamp as against the Constitution of Bharat, forgetting the fact that lighting the traditional lamp or reciting prayers are not religious acts but human as it symbolises dispelling darkness and ushering light. In short, the act denotes enlightenment and well-being of all. But the half-baked children of Marx would definitely find it difficult to digest this ethos as their understanding of religion and culture is essentially based on class struggle and Eurocentric understanding of religion and secularism.
To follow the irresponsible track, Devaswom Minister Kadakampally Surendran alleged that organisations including the RSS were using temples for illegal activities and hence he would not allow the RSS shakhas to function. First of all, having a Devaswom board minister in a Communist government itself is an oxymoron. But then Communists would not shun that as it is a convenient tool to intervene in temple trusts. More importantly, if the ‘religious minister’ was getting such regular complaints, why he didn’t take any action for months together. It clearly  exposes the political ploy to attack and curb the growing influence of RSS in Kerala. The minister should not forget the fact that more that 272 swayamsevaks have sacrificed their lives for the cause of this nation and culture in Kerala alone and the ideology which does not believe in both, cannot stop the forward march of nationalists despite brute use of power.
If all these antics were not enough, the Chief Minister, who is expected to behave in a more responsible manner, insulted the sentiments of Malayalis not only in Kerala but all over the world. In tune with his Stalinist approach, he appealed to State government employees to avoid Onam festivities at office premises during work hours. In Kerala, to collectively celebrate the auspicious occasion irrespective of caste and religion is a common practice. One can give the benefit of doubt under the pretext of performance and public service. But then the same CM, through a facebook post, gives a call to the same employees to join the ‘nation-wide strike called by the trade unions’. Is the CPM Central Committee superior to age-old traditions seeped in popular culture and sentiments?
This is the same hypocrisy that has reduced the Communists to remote corners of Bharat. Their ideology and tactics are detrimental. They either do not want to understand Bharat or deliberately intend to destroy our nationhood. Therefore, Dr Babasaheb Ambekar openly declared himself to be ‘a confirmed enemy of the Communists, who exploited the labourers for their political ends’. We cannot expect these destructive ideologies to mend their ways anytime soon. Strengthening the roots of cultural unity is the best way to curb this mindset.
By  Prafulla Ketkar
Courtesy: Organiser