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Produce Proof Against RSS, Rahul Told

RSS has challenged Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi to come up with evidence to back his allegation that the Sangh was responsible for Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination.

RSS’s all-India Prachar Pramukh, Manmohan Vaidya, who was in Udaipur for a coordination meeting of the organisation, said there was no mention of the Sangh in the chargesheet filed in Gandhiji’s assassination case. Neither the accused nor the prosecution mentioned RSS during proceedings, he said.

Vaidya said that the two commissions formed to probe Gandhi’s assassination had not mentioned the Sangh anywhere in their reports. To a question on whether Rahul targeted the Sangh because Gandhiji’s assassin Nathuram Godse was linked to RSS, he said: “Sangh is an open organization.Many people join, leave and become inactive.“ “It’s the court which will decide the matter, not Rahul Gandhi. When an RSS volunteer has challenged him in court, he is running away . If he has any evidence to support his claim, he should present it before judiciary,“ Vaidya said.

Courtesy: Times of India