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Indian Family System Has Strength To Unite Everyone – RSS Chief Mohan ji Bhagwat


The current family system we are enjoying is a unique feature of India and now entire world is taking inspiration from us because it has strength to unite everyone, said RSS Sarsanghachalak Sri Mohan ji Bhagwat while inaugurating the “Prerana Shivir” in New Delhi.


Mohan ji was speaking at three day Prerana Shivir (Nov11-13) organised by Rashtra Sevika Samiti, the world’s largest women organisation, to commemorate its 80th foundation year at Chattarpur, New Delhi. He also released a souvenir titled as ‘Prerananjali’ on the occasion.

He said without help of ‘Mathru Shakti’ neither we can attain the glorious position nor we can make the world to reach there.mohan-ji-5

While speaking on social issues, Bhagwat ji said our scientists are scaling to reach Mars where once crossing the sea was considered as a taboo, but the progress of scientific and technological advancement is giving birth to new environmental challenges. Entire world is concerned about them. To protect it, several seminars are being held globally and they review on it, but are they reaching the set objective in reality?

He suggested that man should sacrifice his small selfish motives because this self-centeredness is the biggest reason for destruction. Man began to believe that the entire nature is under his command. Our relation with the nature has become like a consumer and this fault line is leading us to into crisis.

Now-a-days, the demonetisation of Rs.500 and 1000 has become the central discussing topic. By looking at the current trends and progress of technology it seems that the whole of financial exchange will be cashless in near future.

Mohan ji while expressing concerns over rising terrorism and extremism in the world said due to extreme thinking, one became the enemy of other. People and nations involved in discussing this extremism are also part of encouraging and supporting it.

In this ongoing three day shivir, 3000 sevikas are participating representing every corner of the nation. One can visualise the ‘Laghu Bharat’ because of unique amalgamation of the folklores from Ladakh to Kerala and Saurashtra to Arunachal is being felt. Sevikas are enthusiastically moving around in traditional costumes as per their respective states.


Jain Muni Shri Jayantkumarji blessed the occasion with his presence. Muni ji said that RSS and Jain Sampraday are walking on the line of sacrifice for the betterment of society and nation and this is like two sides of the river. He said ‘sacrifice’ is the very basis of Indian philosophy.

Muni ji also expressed his concern that most of the people in power think about themselves first, later about the party they belong, and nation in last, but he wanted nation should be given topmost priority.

On this occasion, Annadanam Sitaji, Pramukh Karyavahika of Rashtra Sevika Samiti, breifed on the glorious journey of 80 years and presented the details of the programs and activities taken up by the organisation.