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Professors of IIT Bombay face backlash for framing questions aimed to insult Hinduism


Professors of IIT Bombay face backlash for framing questions aimed to insult Hinduism

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT Bombay has come under scrutiny after allegations surfaced that anti-Hindu professors openly insulted Hinduism during a PhD. Entrance Exam in Sociology. The exam, held on May 7, 2024, featured a question labelling Hinduism as “Hegemony,” indicating a bias against the religion. The question said, ” What does Antonio Gramsci mean by hegemony? Is Hindutva hegemony or counter-hegemony? Discuss.”

The question, designed to assess candidates’ ideologies, has not only raised concerns about the impartiality of the examination process but also allegedly disadvantaged students who did not align with the professors’ narrative, potentially affecting the selection process.

Additionally, the exam included another contentious question focusing on caste and communal violence: “Comment on the similarities between caste violence and communal violence.” This further adds to the controversy surrounding the examination paper.

Calls have been made for action against the panel responsible for setting the Sociology question paper. Concerned individuals have urged the administration of IIT Bombay to investigate the matter thoroughly and impose appropriate penalties on those involved.

Students at IIT Bombay’s Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) department have voiced concerns over the controversy.

Critics argued that such questions may be used to filter out students based on their ideological alignment rather than their academic merit, calling into question the fairness and neutrality of the evaluation process. They highlight the importance of maintaining academic integrity and ensuring that students are not pressured to conform to specific ideological frameworks to succeed academically.

Additionally, students have expressed concerns about the HSS department’s history of promoting anti-Hindu and anti-nationalistic narratives. They point to instances where radical speakers were invited to spread their views in department conference rooms, fostering an environment that stifles genuine academic inquiry.

In response to these concerns, students are urging the administration of IIT Bombay to review its examination processes and ensure that questions are framed in a manner that upholds academic standards and does not discriminate against students based on their beliefs or opinions.