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Radical Islamists Attack Hindu Temples, Houses In Bangladesh


Attacks by fanatic and fundamentalist Islamists against the Hindus, their temples, and properties in Bangladesh are going on unchecked with the recent incident at Brahmanbaria where at least 15 Hindu temples were vandalized and looted on Sunday afternoon when the Hindus were celebrating Kali Puja and Diwali.

According to Hindu Existence News, the Islamic hooligans also vandalized hundreds of houses of Hindu people.

Nasirnagar Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Chowdhury Muazzam Ahmed told HENB that the rampage began around 12:30 pm after a Facebook post on Islam a few days ago making satire of the Masjid al-Haram, the holy site of Muslims. In that FB posting a picture Hindu deity Lord Shiva was juxtaposed with Masjid al-Haram, the largest Mosque of Mecca encompassing Kaba.

Protesting the Facebook post, Radical Muslim people staged two separate demonstrations at the upazila headquarters today, during the festivities of Diwali.

Several hundred Muslim locals staged demonstration at Sarail-Nasirnagar-Lakhai highway on Friday noon demanding hanging of one Rasraj Das who allegedly was behind the FB post.  The Jamaat-Shibir, Hefajat-e-Islam  and Ahale Sunnatwal Jamat, three radical groups in Bangladesh were believed to incite the Muslim people for this agitation and attacking Hindu minorities.

Nasirnagar Puja Committee’s General Secretary Khailpada Poddar alleged that at least 15 Hindu temples were vandalised and looted. “200 Hindu houses were ransacked and looted.”


Hindu-Budhist-Christian Oikya Parishad President Adesh Dev, however, claimed to a news portal that in total 15 temples had been looted and destroyed.

“Several devotees were injured in the communal attack and police did not interfere into the looting. A BGB platoon has been deployed but only after the damage was done,” Dev said.

Brahmanbaria police Superintendent Mizanur Rahman told, ‘around 150 to 200 people launched the attacks and vandalised at least seven to eight idols of five Hindu temples in the area.

More than 100 Hindu people including women were beaten by the Jihadi attackers while only six people were detained by police, according to our reports. Shankar Sen, injured priest of Gour Temple of Mahakal Para was admitted to Nasirnagar Speciality Hospital, whose condition of health is believed still critical.

The temples viz Jagannath Mandir at Sadar Paschim Para, Kalibari Mandir at Namashudra Para, Durga and Shiv Mandir at Mahakal Para, Duttabari Mandir at Dutta Para and Mahakali Mandir at Sutradhar Para were almost demolished and temple treasury and valuables were looted by the ‘peaceful Quran followers’ in Bangladesh in this Brahmanbaria episode. The unruly Jihadi mob of hundreds of people were armed with locally-made firearms, swords, iron rods and bamboo sticks.

Police took control over law and order in the area around 2:30 pm, the police official said. A raid was underway to nab the culprits, last reported.

“A group of Hefajat-e-Islam attacked on the Hindu community and vandalised their houses and temples while we were holding peaceful rally,” said Riazul Karim, convener of Nasirnagar unit of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat.

A huge number of law enforcers from different agencies including police, Rapid Action Battalion (Rab), and paramilitary Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) were deployed in the area.

The law enforcers will remain deployed until the situation cools down to normal, Maj Abu Saeed, captain of Rab-7, told the correspondent.

The HENB Correspondent who visited a dozen temples confirmed the vandalism.

Abdul Kader, officer-in-charge of Nasirnagar Police Station said the attacks spread in Kashipara, Ghoshpara and Dashpara areas and many other places soon.

In Bangladesh Hindu minorities are facing a grim situation there in the huge persecution perpetrated by the Radical Islamic wings link Jamaat-e-Islami, Hefajat-e-Islam, Awami Ulema League, Hizbut Tahrir, Ahale Sunnatwal Jamat etc.

While Bangladesh Govt is trying and claiming a secular and non-violent situation for the Hindu and minorities there, the Hindu-Buddhist-Christian- Tribal minorities in Bangladesh are being brutalized by the majority Muslim people rampantly in reality. Brahmanbaria is a glaring example of that without any confusion.

It’s an optimum plights of Bangladeshi Hindus being overlooked by the BJP Govt in India. Good that PM Modi is observing his Diwali with the Army troops at India-China borderlines. His message is encouraging to us and all friends in defence families. But what is his views about the Mayhem in Brahmanbaria of Bangladesh? Islamists have spoiled their Diwali there. He must be responsive of that. But, the Political Clown like Rupa Ganguly, a BJP MP told just last week, “Hindus in Bangladesh are living in peace and prosperity”.

This report has also been tweeted to great Foreign Minister of India Smt Sushma Swaraj, who frequently response her twitter admirers for many reasons ranging from trouble in gas connection to problem of any customer after purchasing a refrigerator.

HENB knocked this lady iconic figure of BJP Sushma Swaraj many times about the dangerous plights of Bangladesh Hindus but failed to moved her even by a single word conveying sympathy for them.

This time we don’t know her feelings and action for the Brahmanbaria Hindus tormented in a Jihadi Mayhem.

Courtesy: NewsBharati