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Space Inventor Bharatiya Nari Shakti


-Dr. Pinkesh Lata Raghuwanshi

Women have faith…. Gain independence, gain everything, but do not lose that characteristic of women!

How this comment by Swami Vivekananda ji is implemented on our pride the ISRO women scientists. The women who are filled with new scientific temperament but connect closely with their own roots. Bharat’s Chandrayaan-3 has triumphantly achieved a precise soft landing on the southern pole of the moon, thereby elevating Bharat to the esteemed position of the fourth nation globally. Following the United States, China and the former Soviet Union, to successfully execute this outstanding accomplishment.

While Bharat celebrates the successful landing of Chandryaan-3 on the moon, some ladies in Bharatiya attire Saree attract whole world as ISRO women. Who are they? The ladies who have Wings to fly in the sky but at the same time they are attached to their roots.

Dr. Ritu Karidhal Shrivastav

Dr. Ritu Karidhal successful and respected as one of the esteemed “Rocket women of Bharat” holds the positions of scientist and aerospace engineer within ISRO. Her illustrious career also encompassed the role of Deputy Operations Director for Bharat’s Mars orbiter mission, famous known as Mangalyaan.

Nandini Harinath

Embarking on a remarkable journey, Nandini’s initial and sole application led her to ISRO, where she has devoted two decades of her professional life. Over this span, she has ardently contributed her expertise to a noteworthy tally of 14 missions. Presently occupying the esteemed roles of Project Manager and Mission Designer, her prowess shone brilliantly as she undertook the responsibilities of Deputy Operations Director for the heralded Mars Orbiter Mission, also renowned as Mangalyaan.

Anuradha T. K.

Anuradha T.K., a venerable Indian scientist, holds the distinction of being the retired Project Director at the Indian Space Research Organisation, with a specialization in communication satellites. Her resolute endeavours encompass pivotal contributions to the successful launch endeavours of satellites such as GSAT-12 and GSAT-10. With a remarkable career spanning several decades, she stands as the most senior female scientist within the ISRO.

Minal Rohit

Minal Rohit, an esteemed Bharatiya scientist and systems engineer, is affiliated with the Indian Space Research Organisation, where her remarkable contributions played an instrumental role in orchestrating the triumphant journey of the Mangalyaan space probe to Mars.

Having earned her academic laurels from the Nirma Institute of Technology, Rohit’s journey took her to the esteemed halls of ISRO. In collaboration with a team of skilled mechanical engineers, she lent her expertise to the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), overseeing critical aspects such as system monitoring and the methane sensors intricately woven into the spacecraft’s architecture. Her ascendancy within the ranks saw her assume the pivotal role of a system integration engineer for the MOM launch. Notably, Rohit held the prestigious positions of head engineer and Project Manager, shouldering responsibilities for imminent projects like Chandrayaan-II. At present, she holds the esteemed position of Deputy Project Director at ISRO.

Moumita Dutta

Moumita Dutta stands as an accomplished Indian Physicist, diligently serving as a scientist/engineer within the esteemed confines of the Space Applications Centre (SAC) at the Indian Space Research Organisation in Ahmedabad.

At present, she undertakes a significant leadership role, spearheading a dedicated team engaged in the indigenous development of optical instruments, particularly focusing on imaging spectrometers. Her unwavering dedication aligns perfectly with the realization of the ‘Make in India’ initiative, a testament to her commitment to fostering domestic innovation and production.

Tessy Thomas

Born in April 1963, Tessy Thomas emerged as a prominent Indian scientist, holding the esteemed position of Director General of Aeronautical Systems. Before assuming this role, she occupied the position of Project Director for the Agni-IV missile at the Defence Research and Development Organisation.

Tessy Thomas’s outstanding contributions have garnered widespread recognition, as evidenced by her reception of the esteemed Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award. The year 2018 witnessed her being bestowed with the Dr Thomas Cangan Leadership Award by the erudite Faculty of Management Studies – Institute of Rural Management, Jaipur, further underscoring her diverse excellence. Notably, in 2022, she was honoured with the Lokmanya Tilak Award, which serves as a testament to her sustained impact and influence within her domain.

V.R. Lalithambika

Dr. V. R. Lalithambika is a distinguished Indian engineer and scientist, who has dedicated her expertise to the notable endeavours of the Indian Space Research Organisation. Her specialization lies in the realm of Advanced Launcher Technologies, a domain of crucial significance for space exploration. One of her prominent leadership roles involved spearheading the ambitious Gaganyaan mission, aimed at facilitating the journey of Indian astronauts into space.

Before assuming her responsibilities at the ISRO headquarters in Bengaluru, Dr. Lalithambika’s remarkable journey led her to the position of Deputy Director (control, guidance, and simulation) at the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) located in Thiruvananthapuram.

Her leadership extends to her current role as the Director of the Indian Human Spaceflight Programme, positioned to guide and orchestrate the Gaganyaan mission. This monumental initiative seeks to fulfil the visionary goal of sending Indian astronauts into the cosmos, a testament to her resolute dedication to advancing the frontiers of space exploration.

Muthayya Vanitha

Muthayya Vanitha stands as an accomplished electronics system engineer, recognized for her leadership in spearheading satellite projects within the esteemed precincts of the Indian Space Research Organization. A seasoned professional with a career spanning over three decades, Vanitha has been an integral part of ISRO’s transformative journey.

Vanitha’s role as the project director for the Chandrayaan-2 lunar mission holds significant prominence. Under her guidance, ISRO embarked on a historic lunar exploration venture. Moreover, she has demonstrated her prowess in satellite operations as the deputy project director for pivotal missions including Cartosat-1, Oceansat-2, and Megha-Tropiques. In these capacities, she exercised crucial responsibilities on data operations, underscoring her proficiency in managing intricate technical operations. Notably, Vanitha’s contributions also extended to the triumphant Mangalyaan mission of 2013, where India made its mark in Martian exploration.

And this list has many more names who worked silently to create new history again and again. We all Bhartiya proud on them.

Courtesy : VSK BHARATH