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Telangana: NHRC seeks report on Muslim mob attack on Hindus of Vaddere Basti in Jainuoor


National Human Rights Commission, (NHRC) Delhi has directed the Telangana State DGP to take immediate action and send a report on the alleged attack of a Muslim mob on residents of Vadderabasti, Jainuoor mandal of Komaram Bhim Asifabad district on May 13. The human rights body also directed the District Collector to provide proper medical facilities and other relief measures to Hindu victims.

NHRC was reacting to the complaint lodged by Dr Shashidhar, Joint general secretary of Vishva Hindu Parishad, Telangana on the May 13, who narrated the incident in detail.

According to the complaint, “The attack, allegedly orchestrated by a mob of individuals from the Muslim community during the election day I.e on 13-05-2024 around 12:30 pm at Adilabad Parliament constituency Asifabad assembly limits, resulted in a reprehensible display of brutality against innocent civilians, including women and children. Reports indicate that the assailants wielded weapons such as knives, axes, sticks, and iron rods, causing grievous harm and instilling terror among the victims.”

As per the local sources, on May 13, residents of Vaddera Basti in the Jainur mandal were busy and preparing to vote at the local booth. The lane was busy with commuters, however, at around 12 , a resident of Vaddera basti was walking on the road, when a person on a bike hit the walker, resulting in a clash between the two and assaulting each other physically. They were eventually pacified by passersby, and both individuals dispersed from the scene.

Subsequently, within an hour, a large group of Muslims around 500 to 600 men—mobilised and reached the Vaddera Basti, wielding sticks and rods and started attacking them, particularly targeting young women and children. As per the reports, a Muslim youth caught hold of 6-month-old baby and was thrown away, luckily surviving this physical attack. A Muslim mob also attacked a bystander, who belonged to the ST community, while he was watching the incident.

Local media reported that residents of Basti, Bailmethula Gangaram, N Parushuram, and Marsikola Laxman (ST- Gond community) were injured. Due to the severity of his injuries, M Laxman was initially transferred from Jainuoor to Adilabad. However, the latest reports indicate that he has been referred to Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad for better treatment. Further details on his health condition are awaited.

Upon learning of the incident, Adilabad BJP MLA Payal Shankar rushed to the site and lodged a formal complaint with the police, demanding swift action against the perpetrators. MLA Shankar emphasised the urgency of arresting the culprits within 24 hours, warning of potential agitation if justice was not served promptly.

Speaking with the Organiser, a police officer investigating the case claimed that two FIRs had been filed in connection with the event, one by a biker and the other by Vaddera Basti residents. One of these is the SC/ST case against a Muslim mob. Following an investigation, 13 members of the Muslim mob were caught and imprisoned, and 7 Hindus from Vaddera basti are in police custody, three of them are juveniles. The police are looking for the perpetrators of the incident who have absconded.

Vijay, a resident of Komaram Bheem Asifabad who was present in Jainuoor on election day, said that as soon as he learned about the incident, he went to Vaddera Basti and was shocked to see the damage they caused to residents and property. He also claims that the attackers were pointing towards residents, saying they were BJP Party supporters, and instigating others to attack more.

Dr. Shashidhar said, speaking to Organiser that “in the recent past, we have observed a pattern of large-scale attacks from Muslim mobs on Hindus for petty reasons in the state. Furthermore, it is suspected that these Muslims became emboldened once Congress came into power, and that AIMIM extended support to Muslims who violated the law. We demand state police to investigate the call records of the attackers to find the conspiracy behind such attacks.

Similar to this, on the eve of Holi, a Muslim mob attacked the Hindus in Hyderabad. On March 24, while Hindu (ST) residents of Pittala Basti in Chengicherla village, Medchal-Malkajgiri district, Telangana were celebrating Holi, nearby Muslims objected to it and attacked them mercilessly.