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Telangana turns blind eye to historical sites belonging to Kakatiya dynasty


With the Archaeological department turning a blind eye to several historical structures that have withstood the vagaries of time, many a sculpture of Kakatiya dynasty in the region are either disappearing into oblivion or desecrated by the miscreants in search of hidden treasure.

The Kakatiya era structures on top of the Kanigiri hillocks, 6 kilometers from Chandrugonda mandal headquarters of Bhadradri Kothagudem district, are no different.

The hillocks house many structures that include a fort, secret tunnel, pond, Anjaneya Swamy and Hastala Veeranna temples etc. The fortification was such that it was very tough for the enemies to crack the defences of the then rulers.

Against this backdrop, recently the local tribals stumbled upon a sculpture what they believe it as Rani Rudrama Devi, one of the prominent rulers of the Kakatiya dynasty in 13th century, roadside near Bendalapadu, a tribal village located at the foot of Kanigiri hills.

However, the locals are aware of the fact that hillocks have the structures built by Kakatiya rulers, they had never seen the sculpture before.

Since it’s widely believed that there was a hidden treasure in this part of the region, the structures have become easy targets for the treasure hunters.

The locals say that several gangs were indulged in frenzied treasure hunt in the region. They clandestinely visit the hills in the nights to carry out diggings.

The locals expressed doubt that the sculpture was perhaps left abandoned by the miscreants unable to carry with them or to take it at a later time.

Speaking to The Hans India, the Archaeological Department State Consultant and retired Deputy Director SS Rangacharyulu said: “In 2008, we have carried out a survey on the hillocks.

If provided proper access and amenities, the site has enough potential to attract people at least locally.” Though it’s not that easy to find treasure everywhere, miscreants end up damaging the sculptures and heritage sites, he said.

But for the carnival (jatara) held on top of the hillocks during Maha Sivaratri festivities, people sparsely visit the hills, the tribals say.

Courtesy: HansIndia