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Wipe out fake state Pakistan which is like a ‘cancer’ on world map: Mashal Khan Takkar


In April 1948, Pakistan occupied Baluchistan after the massacre of Baloch and on 12 , August 1948 , Pakistan Army started  shooting  the peaceful procession in Babara Charsadda , where about 700 Pukhtuns including women and children were killed ruthlessly and a lot of were injured.

Therefore, in addition to historical and blood relations, we the Baloch and Pukhtuns are natural allies too against the atrocities and occupation of Pakistan.

Expressing his sentiment in a most furiously manner, Mashal Khan Takkar, the strong force behind the Great Afghanistan agitation has said that it is time to wipe out Pakistan, the un-natural state which is just like cancer on the world map.

In a special and most explosive interview to NewsBharati, Takkar, the founder of Great Afghanistan Movement ( GAM) says that the fake state Pakistan is an epicentre of domestic and international terrorism and permanent headache for the international community. It’s a theatre of internecine violence and an everlasting Problematic for international security.

Talking on the unholy nexus of Pakistan and China, Mashal Khan Takkar comments that the Pakistan (Punjabistan) is hungry for the billions of dollars of  minerals and gas of Balochistan.

Now due to its economic and geopolitical strategies, Pakistan and China have signed the CPEC, which will mainly benefit Punjab and ignore Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. As a result, the Pukhtuns and Baloch are now threatening the CPEC project, he adds.

Here is the full unedited text of the interview of Mashal Khan Takkar.

What is your opinion on Balochistan issue?

Answer: I don’t want to go too back in the history, but let me start it from 1947. At that time when it was decided that the British India will be divided into two dominions, India and Pakistan, Khan of Kalat Mir Ahmad Yar Khan contacted the viceroy Lord Mountbatten, which according to the agreement of 1837 between the British India and Baluchistan, Baluchistan is an independent country.

Then there was a meeting of five persons Mohd Ali Jinnah, Liaqat Ali Khan from one side, Khan of Kalat and his adviser sultan Ahmad khan on the other side and lord Mountbatten was the mediator.

They decided only two options in the meeting:

  1. If Baluchistan wants, it can annex to Pakistan.
  2. But if not then Baluchistan can continue their agreement with Afghanistan.

But Khan of Kalat decided that Baluchistan must be an independent state.

So on August 11, 1947, the British acceded control of Baluchistan to the ruler of Baluchistan, Khan of Kalat. The Khan immediately declared the independence of Baluchistan, and Mohammad Ali Jinnah signed the proclamation of Baluchistan sovereignty under the Khan.

The New York Times reported on 12th August 1947 that “Under the agreement, Pakistan recognises Baluchistan as an independent sovereign state.

The next day, the NY Times even printed a map of the world showing Baluchistan as a fully independent country.

The tragedy of the 1947 partition of India was that Pakistan was made on the land of other nations, the Bengalis, Pukhtuns, Baloch and Sindhi. Their land was handed over in the hegemony of Punjab as its hostages.

After Pakistan’s independence, Mohammad Ali Jinnah and his legal team immediately found that the Durand Line Agreement was not a legally admissible and binding document.

The error in the Durand line agreement was that it had cut the boundaries of three independent countries, Afghanistan, Balochistan and British India, but Baluchistan was excluded by the British deliberately, so according to International law of demarcation, all the affected countries must be a part of any agreement on the borders, but as Balochistan was excluded, so the Durand line agreement was null and void as it was signed.

To continue the illegal occupation of the territories belonging to Afghanistan, it was important for Pakistan to keep the flaw in the Agreement a secret. But the dilemma was that Baluchistan was an independent country and one day the truth might be revealed to Afghanistan about the Agreement. This truth could result in Pakistan losing its Pashtun-dominated areas till to Indus River to Afghanistan.

So it was very important for Pakistan to either annex or invade Baluchistan to continue with their illegal occupation of Afghan territories.

Jinnah tried to persuade- the Khan of Kalat to join Pakistan, but the Khan and both Houses of the Kalat Assembly refused.

Then the Pakistani government took an aggressive stance against Baluchistan, and in March 1948, the Pakistani armed forces started their operation against the Baluchistan government.

They invaded Baluchistan in April 1948, and imprisoned all members of the Kalat Assembly and merged Baluchistan with Pakistan. This simple act of aggression against a sovereign nation assured Pakistan that their secret about the Durand Line Agreement would remain intact.

Thus Pakistan occupied a sovereign state of Balochistan and bathed the Baloch in the sea of blood.

So since 1948, the massacre of the Baloch in Pakistan is continued till to date.

In the recent days, the Pakistani atrocities in the province had attracted international condemnation too.

Pakistan ( Punjabistan) is hungry for the billions of dollars of  minerals and gas of Balochistan.

Now due to its economic and geopolitical strategies, Pakistan and China have signed the CPEC, which will mainly benefit Punjab and ignore Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. As a result, the Pukhtuns and Baloch are now threatening the CPAC project.

We the Pukhtun freedom fighters in Pakistan fully support the struggle of our Baloch brothers for their independence of their country Balochistan from the occupying state of Pakistan.

What is common between Baloch and Pashtun issues of Pakistan?

Answer: The Pukhtuns and Baloch have been living side by side for thousands of years on their respective lands in thin and thick times just like brothers.

Upon keeping in view the recent past history , in 1747 when all the Afghan tribal leaders called the communal council , Jirga, in Kandahar to lay down the foundation of a new state Afghanistan ,  at that time , in addition to the Afghan tribes leaders , another tribe leader had  also been invited . His name was Naseer Khan Noori who was the head of the Baloch tribe. That’s why when Afghans tribes consider themselves as the founding members of Afghanistan; similarly, our Baloch brothers have the equal right to claim the same.

Ahmad shah Durrani also had married the niece of Naseer Khan Noori. The wife of Khan of Kalat Ahmad Yar Khan was the granddaughter of Sayyed Jamaluddin Afghani; the wives of Akbar Bugti and Khair Baksh marri are also Pukhtuns.

So in addition to historical relations, the Baloch and Pukhtuns have blood relations with each other aw well.

In April 1948, Pakistan occupied Baluchistan after the massacre of Baloch and on 12 , August 1948 , Pakistan Army started  shooting  the peaceful procession in Babara Charsadda , where about 700 Pukhtuns including women and children were killed ruthlessly and a lot of were injured .

Therefore, in addition to historical and blood relations, we the Baloch and Pukhtuns are natural allies too against the atrocities and occupation of Pakistan.

After India’s open support to Baloch cause, do you foresee any positive development on Pakistan’s Pashtun issues?

Answer: Of course why not? But one thing I want to mention it, we the Pukhtuns of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa under the flag of Khudai Khidmatgar joined hands with the Indian National Congress party in 1930 for the struggle against the British colony. After that the British atrocities against the Pukhuts were terrible. And when in 1930, Congress announced civil disobedience, Khudai Khidmatgar did the same. As a result, the Visa Khani and Takkar village massacre are unforgettable.

By the way when in 1930, the British arrested my grandfather who was the leader of Khudai Khidmatgar of that region, the people of Takkar reacted. Then on 28 May 1930 war was erupted between the people of Takkar and the British army. A lot of people were martyred and the British burnt our house.

But unfortunately in 1947, Gandhi Ji, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Raj Gopal Acharya and Vallabhbhai Patel played a very negative role and handed over the Pukhtuns to Pakistan. And Bacha Khan was compelled to tell them that you threw us in the mouth of Wolves.


After so many years of oppression and atrocities over Pashtun people, what Pashtuns of Pakistan think about the state of Pakistan?

Answer: What the Pukhtun people in Pakistan should do. They have been trapped by the powerful Pakistan army, establishment and government-sponsored terrorists.

If anyone raises the voice for independence from Pakistan, he is killed and Pakistan pretends that the terrorist killed him. However, all these militants, terrorist, fundamentalists, extremists are being sponsored by Pakistan.  The majority of their centres are located in Punjab but there is the military operation in Pukhtuns, Baloch and Sindhi areas but not in Punjab. Because 80% of the Punjab Army, civil and military establishment belong to Punjab.

We the Pukhtuns, Baloch and Sindhi have been living on our own land just like the refugees under the hegemony of Punjab.

We the Pukhtuns want to make Pakistan a part of history. But those Pukhtuns who want to live in Pakistan, and then they should adopt the same formula which during Indian Partition had been adopted. Like those Indian Muslims who betrayed their motherland India in 1947, and migrated to Pakistan who is still called the refugees, then those Pakistan loving Pukhtuns should also migrate to Punjab because Punjab is Pakistan and Pakistan is Punjab. But those Pukhtuns are not too many. They are those who belong to the Punjab-dominated army , civil & military establishment. They are the same enemies of Pukhtuns like the Punjabis.

What change it make in Pashtun issue when Modi raise voice on Baloch issue on an international platform?

Answer: We the Pukhtuns in Pakistan appreciate it. But at the same time, we also expect Modi Ji to raise voice for the Pakistani Pukhtuns issue on the international platform too. Pukhtun and Baloch must join hands together against Pakistan. The Baloch are 14 million and the Pukhtuns only in Pakistan are 35 million. But as a whole, the population of Pukhtuns is 50 million both in Pakistan and Afghanistan. And the not-Pukhtun in Afghanistan are also very much against Pakistan. We the Baloch and Pukhtuns are natural allies any way. Only for Baloch to get rid of Pakistan will be very difficult.

What are the main points of concern of the Pakistan’s Pashtun; what do you want to happen? Can you elaborate point wise?

Answer: We, the Pukhtuns, want freedom from Pakistan and annexe our motherland Afghanistan.

The land from Durand line to Indus River is Afghan territory and it must be handed over to Afghanistan.

I think there are three options how to remove the Durand line, one political and second is legal but if both the political and legal options will be closed then we will be compelled to adopt the option which the Bengalis had adopted in 1971. I have a complete pragmatic plan how to remove the Durand line. But I can’t write it here.

We the Pukhtuns in Pakistan think that India must correct the mistake which the Indian National congress had done in 1947 which I have already mentioned. India owes us to help, THE PUKHTUNS,  to get rid of Pakistan and annexe  their motherland Afghanistan.

What kind of suppression tactics are being adopted by the Pakistani Army right now?

Answer:  As I already told you that Pakistan is Punjab and Punjab is Pakistan. According to the interior minister of Pakistan, Chaudry Nisar Ali, there are 26 underground organisations. Pakistan has been using these underground organisations to kill and abduct the Pukhtuns and Baloch .  The missing persons, the bullet-riddled bodies and bagged bodies are found only in the Pukhtun and Baloch territories.

Pakistan has also been using all the Army and ISI-sponsored terrorist, militant, fundamentalist and extremist organisations for this purpose. The Pukhtuns and Baloch have been living in the state of terror all the times. No one can say anything against the army because army controls each and every thing. The real owners of Pakistan are Army and military- civil establishment who have been sucking the blood of the people on the name of Kashmir and Durand Line issues.

What kinds of pressure are you facing especially after the Baloch leadership praised the Indian PM?

Answer: As I mentioned, we ‘the Pukhtuns’ are already under tremendous pressure. So Indian PM Modi Ji must take the same stance for Pukhtuns as he has taken for the Baloch.

What kind of dialogue process undergoing between the Pashtun leadership and Pakistan government?

The so-called Pukhtuns nationalist parties are playing in the hands of Pakistan Army and ISI. Just to keep the masses silent, they just sometimes talk about the Pukhtuns rights in Pakistan. But they are being supported by Pakistan covertly forever to propagate that Pukhtuns are an integral part of Pakistan. They are just selling the pukhtuns for their vested interests.  These so-called Pukhtun nationalists love Pakistan more than Punjabis. So now they have no footings among the people, especially among the youth further due to their corruption and support of Pakistan. The Pukhtun freedom loving people feel no difference between them and Punjabis.

The Pukhtuns have been betrayed by these so called nationalist leaders for decades.

Now the role of these types of so-called Pukhtun Nationalist leaders is an open book and they are under harsh criticism by the masses.

Do you agree to Pakistan’s repetitive alleging that Indian agencies stirring up nuisance in Pashtun area?

Answer: Pakistan has nothing to offer to its people excluding terrorism. So they are trumpeting each and everything against India. According to Pakistan, for the last 70 year only India is the enemy No.1 . And now as the policy of Pakistan in Afghanistan has failed, so now Afghanistan is also an enemy along with the India.

Therefore, these type of allegations are just rhetoric by Pakistan army  , ISI and establishment to keep its people busy and diverting their intentions from every days calamity of the people  in Pakistan. Pakistan has been using this rhetoric to destroy the Pukhtuns ,  blaming them as Indian agents.

What do you thing about the reality of Pakistan?

Answer : Pakistan, a fake state, created by a fake ideology “two nation theory” by a fake non-believer, a British agent,  morally corrupt and sick person Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

The fake state Pakistan is an epicentre of domestic and international terrorism and permanent headache for the international community. It’s a theatre of internecine violence and an everlasting Problematic for international security.

Pakistan has over the years emerged as a failing state.

With no law and order, it cannot control various competing societal forces and cannot survive economically without external support. It remains a garrison or a heavily militarised warrior state.

What do you think about Pakistan’s role in the region of India’s Jammu and Kashmir which is occupied by the Pakistan?

Answer: Pakistan has been playing a dirty role in Kashmir since 1947 when Pakistan started infiltration in Kashmir. It continues till to date. The terrorists, militants, fundamentalist and extremist are being trained, equipped and financed by Pakistan Army and ISI for its proxy wars not only in PoK and in Indian-administered Kashmir but Afghanistan as well.   Any person or organisation which say something against Pakistan in PoK or in Indian-administered Kashmir, are being killed and destroyed by these proxies of Pakistan. The training camps of these proxies can be seen everywhere in Pakistan.

There are many Human Rights organisation groups and organisations on fighting on an international level. What is your experience when it comes to Pashtun human rights violation in Pakistan?

Answer: Unfortunately there are some countries who are scared about the Pukhtun Unity. In the tribal area only on the name of fighting against the militants, Pakistan has bombed the innocent people. They had only air raids about 6000 by F-16 , 12000 bombs were dropped, 150,000 Punjab army with its artillery , helicopter, matter are active in the operation , 80000 people including kids and women were killed, the tribal area was completely destroyed, but these Human Rights organisations are silent. Of course, it is very sad.

Have you approached United Nations or United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner (UNHCR)?  What is the response from those agencies?

Answer: I had written to them 5 years ago, but I got no response.

What do the Pashtuns of Pakistan expect from Government of India?

Answer:  To help us to get rid of Pakistan and annexe our motherland Afghanistan.

I want to tell you one thing, we the Pukhtuns are the worst enemies but we are the best friends. Let us just like the best friends, defeat and disintegrate the worst enemy Pakistan together.  And it will be not only in the interest of Pukhtuns but for throughout the peaceful world community.  Pakistan is just like cancer on the world map. The disintegration of Pakistan is the guarantee for the peace in the world.

Any message to Afghans and especially to Pukhtuns in Pakistan?

Answer:  I want to tell to all Afghans living in free Afghanistan and occupied Afghanistan Pukhtunkhwa (from Durand line to Indus River) that due to Pakistan we are at war since 1978 anyway. So we all afghans, the army and the civilians, must join hand to fight a final war against Pakistan and with the help of our international friends, we must take our own territory from Durand line to Indus river back from Pakistan. Former King of Afghanistan, Dost Mohammad Khan had also been begging the British Empire to give him back Afghan territory, but he got nothing. Now only and only we Afghans can take back our own occupied territory from Pakistan like Bengali did in 1971. At that time also the Western countries were using unspeakable words against the Indra Gandhi because they didn’t want to disintegrate Pakistan. But it happened and more than half of Pakistan became Bangladesh. We Afghans must know that  for the last 38 years due to Pakistan hostile policy ,  Afghanistan is bleeding and will be bleeding until and unless Pakistan will be disintegrated and make a part of history.

Pakistan is not ready to quit this dirty game of intervention in the internal affairs of Afghanistan.




 Pakistan- the nightmare for Pakhtuns and Baloch

To explain the problems of Pakhtuns, I would like to go a bit in the history of Pakhtuns. In the 19th century, when the British conciliated their position in the British India, they relapsed that they should protect India from foreign invaders to in jibe the width of India all adore.

The geographical location of India was that from three sides it was surrounded by the sea. The Britain was a big naval power, so from sea side India was protected. But from the Northwest side in the history all the invaders had invaded India through the passes coming out from Afghanistan like Khyber Pass, Kurram pass and Gurnan in Afghanistan. So British decided to control those passes to keep away the Russian powers to invade India.

But the irony was the indigenous inhabitants of all these passes were the Pakhtuns who were not ready to accept any invaders on their subdue land. So the British imposed two wars on Afghanistan, one in 1839 and other in 1878, which was a disaster for both – the Afghanistan and the British.

In the meanwhile, the British found that their war was not the solution of the problem, so in 1893 using their famous formula divide and rule, the British imposed the light of hatred and evil to due imbibe the Afghanistan to divide the power of Pakhtuns.

When in the 2nd World war the British realized that they would not be able to keep such a big country like India their colony anymore, they decide to quit India but divided not united. Sucking the blood of the India people to feed their children in Britain, the British decided to divide India as a farewell gift to Indian people. Therefore the idea of Pakistan was floated in 1939.

Till that time, the British were using the Hindus and Muslims differences just to keep them fighting among themselves to rule them. For that purpose they had used their thick bearded agent sir sayyed Ahmed Khan to create differences between the Muslims and Non-Muslims. After that they used a morally corrupt, non-believer and alcoholic Jinnah to make Pakistan.

Courtesy: NewsBharati