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A Talk on India’s G20 Presidency- Hon’ble External Affairs Minister Dr S. Jaishankar.


The Forum for Nationalist Thinkers- Hyderabad chapter organized a talk on India’s G20 Presidency, talk was delivered by the Hon’ble External Affairs Minister Dr S. Jaishankar on the afternoon of 26th February 2023 at Hotel Marriott, hyderabad.

Hon’ble Minister for Tourism and Culture Shri G. Kishan Reddy and Justice R. Subhash Reddy, Former Judge, Supreme Court were the guests of honor.
Senior advocate and former MLC Shri N. Ramachandra Rao presided over the grand event.

Justice R. Subhash Reddy in his opening remarks said it’s an honor that G20 presidentship has come to India this year; this most powerful block of countries holds 65% GDP in the world economy, 75% trade and commerce and also about 85% of world population. The covid crisis demonstrated the oneness of the world, the give and take in world relations, symbolizing the ancient Bharatiya ethos Vasudhaika kutumbakam.

Sri Kishan Reddy in his remarks said G20 presidentship is highly significant amidst the all-round rapid development in the country in all sectors, especially infrastructure, highways, 5G connectivity, Greenfield airports and seaports etc. The world was stunned with the success of India’s foreign policy that over 25000 students from 22 countries were evacuated in the Russia-ukraine war. Modi’s India not only succeeded in curtailing pak-sponsored terrorism, we have forced them to pay the costs for their terrorism against our nation. During the recent G20 event in Kutch Gujarat, thousands of villagers gathered on the roads to welcome the G20 delegates. At the end of this momentous year, all G20 delegates would become India’s ambassadors in their own countries.

Hon’ble External Affairs Ministry Dr S. Jaishankar in his keynote address stated that about six G20 events would be held in Hyderabad. G20 is an increasingly important forum, many tracks like finance ministers group, foreign ministers group are going to be part of the summit level series in G20. India’s presidency of G20 started in Dec 2021, it’s particularly relevant for us, as the world needs a coordinated vision and strategy.

Covid’s impact on world economy has been far adverse compared to India, and the world realized that over-dependancy on one country is not sustainable. The world went to only one source, when the west was in search of its globalization goals. Today the world is trying to diversify, the debt situation too is precarious in the entire globe. Today security includes economic, food and health security as well and the G20 will look at these issues closely. The second concern is the Ukraine crisis, though India successfully kept fuel, fertilizer and food prices down, as well as inflation under control, other countries suffered adversely. Pandemic also left a deep psychological scar as well as a sense of anger. Climate change and terrorism are additional issues to be addressed in G20. Technology is an ever-present issue; trust and transparency are important as we are not fully aware of the implications related to the AI technologies. In India, digital technology delivered on jan dhan, digital economy, DBT etc. There’s danger as well as hope in the handling of technology.

India is poised to handle the G20 presidency differently. The almost 200 meetings would be held in 56 cities across the country, the hon’ble PM has thought through the process. Another 9 countries from Global South are also going to be part of this humongous exercise; Showcasing Culture, traditions and cuisine is one part of the exercise, G20 will prepare India for the world and the world for India. We will understand the ways we partner with the world –
1. Accelerate development, FDIs increase, technology, best practices, resources, and access to markets.

2. Demand for skilled Indian human resources will go up which includes protection and security for those people, especially the blue-collar workers. During the covid crisis, 7 crore Indians were brought back to the country through the Vande Bharat initiative.

3. Competitive global polity- India will exert it’s influence at a global level. We are the only surviving oldest civilization in the world, therefore it’s upto us to make our traditions and culture as part of global way of life. A great example is the International Yoga Day which became a youthful global event within months of the initial idea. Ayurveda could become another big medicinal/cultural export, we need to think on how we shape the global culture? Hence we need to make india world-ready.

4. In converse, how does the world become India-ready? Covid made the world open it’s eyes to India, from invention of vaccines, to the scale of rollout, to the development of digital platform for covid certificates and digital delivery of programs. The scale of digital delivery is astounding – 80 crores of PM Garib Annadana Yojana, 8 crores of aavas yojana, Gati-shakti etc. For the world, the numbers are astounding, they are equivalent to several continents put together.

5. World is also interested in India’s skilled youth demography, it respects India’s innumerable startups. The world also contrasts India’s reaction during 26/11 in 2008 earlier, and more recently after Uri and Balakot. And during Galwan clashes by China, the positioning of Indian armed forces at freezing heights in the midst of covid crisis has been taken note of by the world. Our infrastructure, roads and tunnels at borders have increased multifold. The world at large notes the resoluteness and assuredness of the Indian govt. QUAD though set up way back in 2007, is only active now. The IMF Director recently said 15% of world’s economic growth comes from India. Semiconductor chips industry is rapidly growing in India, 40% of the sector is in India, it is also contributing to the growth of the US and the world. International Solar Energy Alliance, International Millets Year etc are India’s initiatives, they are directly the Hon’ble PM’s ideas. The world respects these ventures. Within 24 hours, the Indian NDRF- Rescue and Rehab teams reached turkey when it was hit by earthquakes recently. Finally, the G20 gives us a great opportunity to influence the influencers. They will carry back their personal sense of real India observed through all their engagements in India. This is the PM’s vision and hence the govt wants Jan-bhagidari during the G20 events which are being planned in India throughout the year.

At the conclusion of the talk, the massive gathering gave a standing ovation to the Hon’ble minister; the meeting concluded with a few Q&As.