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Communist Violence – Growing Intolerance in Kerala


Lost lives, maimed bodies of workers belonging to alternate political ideologies call out for national attention, as the Right to life is snuffed out by the Communists in Kerala.

The Marxist-Communist votaries of Freedom of Speech in Delhi have a dual face in Kerala where party workers of the CPM are active in killing and annihilating alternate political opinions. They have surpassed the ISIS in brutality and terror. At a Seminar on Communist Violence in Kerala, held on 9 April 2017 at Constitution Club, the convener of Group of Intellectuals and Academicians and well known Advocate, Smt. Monika Arora, outlined in great detail the way in which young workers of the RSS-BJP and affiliated organizations have been killed in Kerala. She pointed out that while Communists in Delhi campaign for Freedom of Speech in Delhi, their comrades are snuffing out the Right to life in Kerala.

17 victims of gut-wrenching Communist Violence, Growing intolerence in Kerala were present at the Seminar and are living proof of gross Human Rights violations of alternate political opinion in Kerala. Amongst those present were Narayani Amma, Mother of 26 year old Remith, a hugely popular BJP worker in Kannur who was brutally murdered in 2016. Also present were the young children and wife of CK Ramachandran who were witness to his brutal murder by Communists also in Kannur in 2016. Speakers at the Seminar held the CM Pinnari Vijayan and his party workers for this fresh round of organized violence. 11 persons have been killed since Pinnari Vijayan took office in May 2015. Over 300 such brutal murders have occurred in Kerala since 1957 said Shri Sohan Lal Sharma, who looks after the RSS in Kannur District. Families of the victims have blamed the government and the police for aiding and abetting these political murders.

Sh Kailash Nath Pillai, Senior advocate, Supreme Court, pointed out the Communist leaders like Sitaram Yechuri are so concerned about Human Rights that they are willing to take out a national campaign for Human Rights violations in Kashmir. He challenged Yechuri and other Communist leaders to highlight political murders by Communist comrades in Kerala.

The Seminar organized by Yogakshem Trust, Kerala was unique because of the stoic presence of many of the victims of Communist violence in Kerala. There were Mothers, family members and children with vacant blank eyes whose only fault was that their dear-ones had a different political opinion. They are proof of the brutality with which Communist governments routinely purge political opponents. Their violence in Kerala reflects the Stalinist and Maoist atrocities world over where such murders are validated by their hate filled fascist rule book said Advoacte Monika Arora.