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Communists plan to break social harmony thwarted

Where Social Harmony prevailed in Timmapur (Jagdevpur mandal, siddipet dist, Telangana )later caste discrimination developed by communists among the people of Timmapur village .People belonging to SC community were led to wrong path by SFI and KVNPS leaders .
Timmapur Village situated in and around Jagdevpur ,Markuk mandal of Siddipet district .Where SFI entered into the village and raised voice that SC’s are discriminated .
For the last seven days Indiviaduals from different SC organisations poured into this Timmapur and conducting meetings where People from other castes were targeted in their speeches and cases were filed by SFI and communists in the nearest police station against other community people and demanding compensation from other castes has become routine in these seven days and trying to demand money from the people whose names were filed in the police station.
Let us know the ground reality of the following events 
People of Timmapur lived with Social Harmony from very long period where each and every castes were respected and lived together with unity .
SC’s of this village not only worked in the agricultural fields of BC’s but also dined in their houses which led to social harmony .
Where ever around the village “Bhajan programmes ” are organised people from this village used to participate together and lived happily .
People belonging to different castes including Dalits are allowed to enter temples and worship which led to social Harmony in this village .
By seeing all these events which led to social harmony and setting a good example for others was not digested by communists tried to create conflicts among different castes  and break the unity with prior plans and make money out of it by adding political colour as well in the following ways .
1.Collectively 30 members headed by SFI tried to enter Hanuman temple and told if anyone tries to stop us let us lodge a complaint against them by seeing 30 members at once near Hanuman temple BC’s were surprised.
2 .When Naayee Brahmin ( barber )  from tigul which is the neighbouring village of Timmapur has come to perform hair cut 25 SCs   headed by SFI pressurised Barber to perform their hair cut barber was stunned and a reply came in this way ” It is not possible for me to do  hair cut of all at once and will be doing it one after the other ” Then SFI misleaded SCs that the barber is showing discrimination towards Scs by even adding a point that BCs were provided chair during haircut  and where SCs Hair cutting is done on the small Rock .But the ground reality is where BCs lived Barber arranged  chair for getting their haircut done where it is not confined to BCs but also SCs can avail the same in BC ward  ,ofcourse when he goes to SC ward which is just one kilometer from BC ward he used to perform their haircut and  shave on a small Rock  where it is already arranged by SCs .A photo was taken by SFI when barber doing the haircut of SCs on a small rock and took the advantage of this by making this photo go viral .
3.As a part of Telangana decadal  celebrations where  lunch was provided 25 -30 SC members poured at once and pressurised as  we (SC’s) will serve BCs and they have to have their lunch and all of them on of a sudden  were surprised .An old lady aged 80 raised that why SCs are pressuring us to have lunch when served by them .SFI misleaded SCs that BCs are not ready to eat if we serve and concluded as a discrimination and lodged attrocity cases on 10 members who all belong to different BC castes .
4 Gentlemen from SC community who was undergoing pressure from SFI and other communists concluded  Above mentioned Events are true and passed a resolution that Scs should not give services to BCs ,should not live with BCs and should not dine with them if any one breaks will be invited with a fine of 15000 rupees
5.All these conflicts reached its heights when BSP and MRPS added political colour to it by conducting rallies.
6.Ground reality is SC’s were misguided by SFI and communists who wanted to make benefit out of this politically
7.In the name of Ambedkar who is loved by all misleading Dalits and yes many years back Ambedkar already warned that entire society should distance itself from communists where their hidden agenda is to break the unity of this nation by using innocent Dalits and downtrodden people .He also said better late than never that we should not fall in the trap of self declared intellectuals or so called  communists.
( I DON’T BELIEVE IN COMMUNISM – DR.B.R AMBEDKAR ( Taken from speeches and writings of Dr.B.R Ambedkar Volume 17, part 1,page 406 )