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Entire Jammu Kashmir including Gilgit Baltistan integral parts of India – Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji

Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji

“Need to nurture sense of belonging”

Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh, Gilgit, Baltistan are all integral areas of Bharat, RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji said while inaugurating ‘Jammu Kashmir Ladakh Maha-Utsav’ organized by the Jammu Kashmir Study Centre in Nagpur.

Mizoram Governor Nirbhay Sharma was the chief guest on the occasion. The Maha-utsav, from 15th to 18 March 2018, is a dynamic combination of various cultural and academic presentations relating to all three regions of Jammu and Kashmir state – i.e. Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir.

Bhagwat Ji also inaugurated two other events simultaneously – an exhibition and a yatra. Earlier in the day, he inaugurated an exhibition of paintings and photographs showcasing the rich history of the state, at the South Central Zone Cultural Centre, Civil Lines, Nagpur. He also launched a yatra to mark the centenary celebrations of 19th Kushok Bakula Lobzang Thupten Chognor. Acclaimed as a statesman and diplomat, and popularly known as the Architect of Modern Ladakh, Kushok Bakula was recognized by the 13th Dalai Lama as a direct disciple of Gautam Buddha. The yatra will spread out in four different directions across the length and breadth of India and culminate in Leh, Ladakh, on 19th May 2018.

“Jammu Kashmir is not a ‘problem’. The actual ‘problem’ lies within us – because we have accepted the definitions given to us by outsiders who have always worked on the agenda of weakening Bharat by creating divisions and differences,” he said in his inaugural address at the Vasantrao Deshpande Sabhagruh. “We have forgotten the elements of our unity. Our nation is so diverse that if one goes looking only for differences, one can even prove how different east Vidarbha is from west Vidharbha, or even one small locality from its neighbouring one.”

Sarsanghchalak Ji narrated a story from Panchtantra to establish how someone with an agenda can create enmity between friends. All Bharatiyas are like a family, and the feeling of oneness connects us at an intrinsic level, no matter how different we may be, he said. “The love, the bonding is there, inherent within us. But we sometimes forget this. We only need to remember it, and revival will happen by itself”.

“The issue of Jammu Kashmir affects entire India. We do not need to keep announcing that we are one – it is an indisputable fact. We need to remember that this is the land of Acharya Abhinavagupta, who was one of the greatest proponents of Shaiv philosophy. There are those who will use terminologies like ‘Kashmir shaivism’. Shiv bhakti is one – there cannot be any differentiation between one Shaivism and any other.”

“Truth needs no proof. But sometimes it is essential to support it with strength so that the negative powers cannot overshadow it,” he said while referring to the role of the security forces in fighting terrorism in the state.

“We are one, and will always remain so. Entire Bharat is our own and we all belong to Bharat. It is essential that we carefully nurture and safeguard this sense of belonging,” he said in the context of entire Jammu Kashmir state, including those areas that are under occupation currently.

Mizoram Governor Nirbhay Sharma Ji, a former Army officer who was posted in Jammu Kashmir for almost two decades, also shared his experiences on the issue. He expressed regret that young minds were being strategically brainwashed in Kashmir. He said that Jammu Kashmir is not merely a piece of land. It is an integral part of the Indian ethos, our faith and beliefs, he said while talking about Kashmir references in Mahabharat, the Nilmat Puran, Rajtarangini etc.

Meera Khadkkar, president of the Nagpur chapter of JKSC, said the entire event has been organized to clear the misconceptions and myths that have been propagated about the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The four-day Maha-utsav will include exhibitions, cultural programs, documentaries and stalls from different areas of J&K at the South Central Zone Cultural Centre (SCZCE), Civil Lines, Nagpur.

A Mahanatya “Kashmir the real story” Directed by Dr. Vinod Indurkar will be presented on 17th March, and will be inaugurated by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari.

The concluding ceremony will be graced by Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, J&K Minister of State for Tourism Priya Sethi and Maharashtra Energy Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule.

Simultaneously, a series of seminars will be held at Jawahar Vastigruh, Civil Lines (Law College Chowk), Nagpur, on all four days.


Courtesy: NewsBharati