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 Gangalo Vishanagulu – Book Launch


Organized by Think Guntur on 15th October 2023.

The Telugu abridged version of ‘Snakes in the Ganga (Breaking India 2.0), by renowned author and intellectual Dr Rajiv Malhotra and Dr Vijaya Viswanathan, titled ‘Gangalo Vishanagulu’, authored in Telugu by Dr B. Sarangapani and Sri Mylavarapu Sudhamohan was launched by Think Guntur in Samithi Hall at Guntur on the morning of 15th October 2023. Dr K. Aravinda Rao, retd DGP, Govt of Andhra Pradesh was the chief guest.

Sri DSR Murthy introduced the organisation Think to the audience. He explained that Think promotes and nurtures nationalistic thinking. Sri Yugraj Bhandari, chairman, Merchant Exports Association congratulated the organisation for their efforts to foster national unity. He said Indians need to be united and also protect Hindu Dharma.

Intellectual and co-author of the Telugu book, Sri Mylavarapu Sudhamohan, in his address stated that unlike in the olden days, where everyone knew everyone in a village, today in the expanded globalised world, and with the advanced technology like AI, today universities like Harvard are into data analytics and data mining, and deliberately create rifts in the Indian society by exploiting the fault-lines. Communism provides the perfect platform to implant wokism and cultural marxism. In the last 100 years, communism did it’s best to divide India, and managed to dismantle the pre-existing system, but were unable to provide any other alternative system. With the introduction of ryotwari system, the British ensured the collapse of the old integrated village, where all communities were interdependent and lived peacefully. With the fixing of baselines like equity, critical caste theory etc, the left-wokists wish to cause disaffection and disharmony in Bharat society, so that economic system collapses and the nation declines.

The book was formally launched by all the dignitaries on stage.

Dr B. Sarangapani, the main author of the Telugu book, in his address explained about the book and stated that it is unbelievable that divisive forces including Big Tech companies and individuals, institutions and companies, which are antagonistic to India are working to harm and divide india. He explained how author Dr Rajiv Malhotra, provided the conceptual, intellectual and theoretical frameworks to understand the forces behind the game. He also explained the role played by universities like Harvard. As the English book is an extensively researched and referenced work, totalling about 1000 pages, both Telugu co-authors thought it would be better to bring an abridged version for better understanding of the work. When approached, Dr Rajiv Malhotra expressed his happiness at the work bring undertaken and readily permitted the Telugu version of the book. Dr Sarangapani said in a manner of speaking, translation is an easier way compared to concising and abridging the work.

He stated that post colonial liberation, Churchill said in Harvard that the world will become a knowledge- based economy, which is what we are seeing today. The colonial rulers brought in indentured labor from Africa and treated the blacks, earlier called negroes, in a highly discriminated manner and treated them as inferior race. ‘Black lives matter’ movements want to uproot the entire institutionalised racism in American society; it is based on communism and cultural marxism. The critical race theory, is indiscriminately being applied as critical caste theory, to divide Indian society. The blacks there are being equated to Dalits in india, and whites to Brahmins, even though the Dalits and Brahmins in India are from the same race, share same DNA, and no one is imported into India from anywhere. He explained that ‘caste’ was imposed by colonials, whereas the ‘kulam’ in the Indian context is traditional occupations-based. Dr Ambedkar himself negated the race theory. However, the critical caste theory equates both disparate categories. The critical caste and race theories are nothing but wokism in popular parlance. Any issue of India is being analysed from the wokist angle by leftists/wokists. LGBTQ movements have taken precedence in the west. Wokism works against marriage and family system. In the wokist methodology, the western white male, who is often equated to the Hindu is always portrayed as oppressor, while the others are depicted as oppressed. Though millions of Hindus were massacred, thousands of Hindu temples destroyed, Hindu histories distorted, yet according to them, Hindus are oppressors and muslims are portrayed as oppressed. The oppresser and oppressed categories are permanent for them. The British imposed ‘caste’ as an internal core of Hindu Dharma, equated it with race, and said that Hindu Dharma should be dismantled.

Journalist Ch. Sai in his address stated that today all we are interested is changing poltics, and are not concerned about the future of the country. The media is busy in portraying Hindus as communal, and Hindus are unable to take on the entrenched leftist ecosystem. Hindus are pushed into playing on the defensive, when others are bringing in ‘caste’ into every discussion. By saying that the Israelis treated Palestinians wrongly in the past, somehow they justify that Israelis deserve to be punished, raped and massacred. Hindus are not teaching our culture and traditions to their children. Children are ignorant of even basic texts like Ramayana today, they are not being taught any values or ethics. Rights without responsibilities is dangerous, which is what children and youth are learning today.

Dr Sri K. Aravinda Rao, retd DGP, Govt of Andhra Pradesh, in his address stated that, all of us need to buy and read books like ‘Gangalo Vishanagulu’, and also make others aware of the issues. Western world has oppressed and exploited the world through colonialism. In their three -pronged policy a. govt, religion and the societal elite work with the common purpose of breaking that country. b. Oil producing countries collaborate with China, and while they suppress people in their respective countries, they bought professors from American universities to produce wokist theories. c. Our intellectuals and media have been influenced and are often bought out by the left ecosystem.

West follows religious as well as political imperialism in the form of Christianity and Islam, while our people, polity or religious structures are completely unaware of these dangerous forces. West is today suffering from ‘boiling frog’ syndrome, and are unable to counter these wokist trends. Right-wing parties in the west have the agenda of converting the world and India into christianisty or Islam, whereas indian right-wing talks only of protecting our dharma as per Bharat’s ethos. Hence there’s complete contrast between the western and Indian right-wing agendas. ‘Atrocity literature’ is being produced from India in a mass scale, portraying Hindus as oppressors, and ‘minorities’ as oppressed. Our political leaders are meeting market shortsellers and destructive agents like George Soros. Western Professors are being peddled with fake information to write books on tyrants like aurangazeb. Distortions of Ramayana or Rigveda are taking place regularly. Our religion is based on philosophies and enquiries, whereas western religions are based on belief-system. Upanishadic philosophy is the fountainhead of Hindu Dharma. Our Supreme Being is the supreme consciousness and knowlege. We also have the vad-samvad traditions in ancient Bharat. We are ignoring our great texts like Bhagavad Geeta and Manu Smriti.

Epistemology of Bharat is extensive, logical and systematic, whereas we are unaware of the great texts of our tradition. The western lobbies not only study these but also digest Hindu ideologies. He concluded his talk by urging everyone to start reading atleast one text.
Ms Shailaja prom Samvit Prakashan expressed her happiness that Samvit Prakashan in a short span of time had published many important books based on forgotten Bharatiya histories and thoughts, and is also the publisher of this great book ‘Gangalo Vishanagulu’.
A large number of people attended the wonderfully organised event and listened to the eminent scholars presenting their views.