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Ghoris can be dealt with, Beware of the Jaichands!


“What perturbs me greatly is the fact that not only India has once before lost her independence, but she lost it by the infidelity and treachery of some of her own people. In the invasion of Sind by Mahommed-Bin-Kasim, the military commanders of King Dahar accepted bribes from the agents of Mahommed-Bin-Kasim and refused to fight on the side of their king. It was Jaichand who invited Mahommed Ghori to invade India and fight against Prithvi Raj and promised him the help of himself and the Solanki kings.”

— Dr BR Ambedkar, Speech delivered in the Constituent Assembly on November 25, 1949

As politics revolving around the 2019 elections catches momentum, while all objective economic indicators, internal and external, are calling Bharat a bright spot, the subjective reports on social, religious and political aspects have suddenly started pressing alarm bells. Internally also frantic calls for saving democracy and secularism are supporting them well. This is nothing new, as we have seen this during the NDA-I regime, or when Narendra Modi was declared the Prime Ministerial candidate in September 2013. What is a matter of concern is the way some sections of media, intellectuals and political parties are celebrating these reports as their victory. Take the examples of three reports.

A recent survey involving only 548 people by Thomson Reuters Foundation, ranked India as the most dangerous country for women. What could have been the probable reaction of our countrymen? Of course, one of disquietude! Not only because we are concerned about the issue of women’s safety more than the foreign surveyors but how a survey with such an obnoxious intent and amateurish methodology played with our dignity by ranking Bharat below countries like Syria.

Similarly, while the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner’s (UNHRC) report on Jammu & Kashmir has been termed as “motivated” by the Army Chief, many inside our own country have started citing it to showcase the alleged oppression of Bharat State. The Ministry of External Affairs had earlier reacted sharply to the report, calling it “mischievous” and “misleading”.

Likewise, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the self-authorised, only super-power of the World, tried to shame an organisation like the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) by classifying it as ‘militant’ in its world factbook.

Taking a cue from the above three reports, the pertinent question that comes to mind is, is it a case of Jaichand approaching Mohammad Ghori to destroy Bharat for selfish power interests? Which are those forces in our country who work against its unity and dignity?

The first issue to contemplate upon is the timing of such reports and surveys which usually precede crucial elections and democratic engagements. Is it only for shaming an effectively working democracy like Bharat as a whole or just to corner the ruling dispensation? Why was a survey on women safety by Thompson Reuters conducted after a gap of seven years? There are many methodological issues involved in the survey. Did the survey consider the fact that as per the UNHRC report of 2017, (a pet source to quote from by such force), reported rapes/100,000 population in Bharat is 1.8, while in case of the US 27 and that of South Africa 132? Did the survey also ask questions on the involvement of Christian pastors and illegal migrants in the rape cases? While releasing the survey it remained silent, only after some resurgent Bharatiyas questioned the intent then it was declared as a ‘perception’, in other words ‘opinionated poll’. Who were the respondents from Bharat? Which group of policy makers found Syria or Pakistan, safer than Bharat? The more alarming sign is the way Congress President Rahul Gandhi and his allies did not miss the opportunity, yet again, in politicising the issues and say ‘What a shame for our country!’

Not only do we have the Jaichands, we also have glorious tradition of ‘Vayam Panchadhikam Shatam’ (When we are fighting amongst ourselves it is okay for 5 Pandavas to fight against 100 Kauravas, but when it is a matter of fighting with outsiders, all 105 will fight together), propagated by Yudhisthira. By and large, barring communists, we have followed this tradition while dealing with external interventions. It is a testing time for a national party like Congress-whether to follow the path of Dharmaraj Yudhisthira or that of Adharmi Jaichand.


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