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Gudibanda Ram Mandir – A confluence of Vanavasi & Nagarvaasi Mahilas

Connecting the people and walking together in right direction gives desired results.  Making this true, the people living in Gudibanda village, predominantly inhabited by the Chenchus ( a tribe in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh ) and Vanavasi Kalyan Parishat (VKP) Mahila team of the Bhagyangar Sambhag, ( Hyderabad and Secunderabad ) had come together and completed the construction of Rama Mandir in the village.

The journey of Bhagyangar Sambhag, ( Hyderabad and Secunderabad )  Vanavasi Kalyan Parishat (VKP) Mahila team started four years ago, when they took up the responsibility for running the expenses of ‘Mallikarjuna Vidyarthi Nilayam’  a hostel for Vanvasi children at Achampet in Nagar Kurnool district of  Telangana. The hostel is run for Chenchu children.
In the first year, VKP Mahila team took responsibility of the expenses related to food of the hostel inmates.  Next year, they took up the entire expenses of the hostel.
As an extension to the work, they adopted a village, Gudibanda,  about 12 kms from the Achampet hostel. This village is predominantly inhabited by the Chenchus. This tribe connects their ancestory to Chenchu Lakshmi, the consort of Lord Narasimha.
Due to the work of Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram in that area, some of the villagers were already aware of the organisation. During a baithak attended by some of the women of the village, they said “We do not want alms ( bhiksha ) but need guidance.  VKP had earlier embarked on a project of temple construction but due to some unforeseen reasons, the temple was left incomplete. The villagers were very concerned about this and expressed their desire to have a Rama Mandir there. Convinced and moved by their devotion, the Vanvasi Bhagyanagar mahila team took up the task to complete the task along with the village dwellers.  The construction of temple began while the funds started getting collected.
Well meaning people joined the mission. During the course, BrahmaSri Narendra Kaapre Guruji , a renowned Veda pandit joined the mission. VKP team organised a Ram Katha in one of the mahila karyakartas house in Bhagyanagar between 25th Dec to 31st Dec 2016. The idea was to create awareness regarding the mission for Rama mandir at Gudibanda through the Rama katha. Close to 300 people attended this program. Guruji set a muhurth of Magha Shudha Trayodashi,  9th Feb 2017.
On 26th Jan 2017, Bharat maata puja was organised at Gudibanda. Later the villagers went to 10 nearby villages for bhikshaatan between 26th Jan to 2nd Feb 2017. They collected rice, daal, tamarind, sugar, oil and other items for prasaad. The city mahilas collected puja samagri.
From 2nd Feb onwards, Akhand Rama Naama sankeerthan began. On 7th shobha yatra of the murthis and on 9th amidst a lot of bhakti, shraddha and enthusiasm the “vigraha pratishtha” was done. The responsibility of nitya pooja in the temple was taken by the villagers amongst themselves.
The role played by the Veda pandits who came was note mentioning as they lived in the hostel of the Chenchu children and lived among the villagers for 5 days to connect to them.
A few months ago, the fund was also collected for a flour mill. It was donated to the village. The 50% of profit from the flour mill will go to the temple and utilised for the benefit of the village.
Over 1000 people participated in the celebrations for over three days from nearby villages. 20 families attended the celebrations from Bhagyanagar.