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“Hyderabad Liberation Struggle”, Finally Gets its Due

  • Ayush Nadimpalli

Government of Bharat’s decision to celebrate Sept 17th as “Hyderabad Liberation Day” is a classic case of the synergy of Academic work, Social media activism, networking, Field activity and Awareness building.

For seven decades most parts of our country were oblivious of the fact that Hyderabad state (includes today’s Telangana, parts of Karnataka & Maharashtra) got liberation after 13 months of our country’s Independence. Karnataka and Maharashtra governments recognised it but the government of AP and later Telangana did not give it its due.

Government sponsored books that were written in the past were mostly by communists who whitewashed the religious excesses of the Nizam and converted it into a peasant vs landlord movement. In fact, a Govt of AP publication of over 4 volumes, did not mention the word Razakar in it!  Sacrifices of the Hindu movements were ignored.

Content Production, Book Publication and Its Promotion

A few books were written in Marathi, Kannada, Telugu and a few in Hindi over the years. In 2016, the first English book from a true perspective “Liberation Struggle of Hyderabad – Some Unknown Pages” was released. It was a translation of a Hindi book written in late 70’s by Acharya Khanderao Kulakarni.

This was followed by another book, Nizams’ Rule Unmasked, translation of a Telugu book. Both these were initiated by our academic centre, Samvit Kendra.

Couple of more writers began writing on this subject in Bharatiya languages. Column writers were given these books to generate material.

Sahitya Utsav

In the years 2021 and 2022, specific Sahitya Utsavs (Golkonda Lit Fest) were conducted in Telangana on the same subject to build awareness. In 2023, we had events in Karnataka Uttar and Devagiri prants. Scholars from these 3 prants have been involved for awareness.

Film Makers Connect

Copies of our books to various film makers. It is so heartening to see that three films are now being made on the subject in different genres. The first multi-lingual film is being released on March 15th in Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil,  Malayalam. Earlier a movie was released in 2015.

Social Media Campaign

For 2014 onwards, we have been running a social media campaign on September 17th. Over the years, it has received wide participation from the entire country. Content was consolidated from all the three affected states.

Field activity

In 2022-23, Naizam Vimukta Swatantra Amrutsavalu (celebration of 75 years of Liberation) was taken up in a big way. A focused forum was formed for this cause. Some Freedom fighters & families (of those who were not alive) were felicitated across the state in many Nagars, Taluks. Door to door contact. Program was done across Telangana and a special drive was done to make students aware.

Govt recognition

It is therefore heartening to see that the Govt of Bharat has finally given the due that Sept 17th deserves in the annals of our history. This will go a long way in recognising the unsung sacrifices. We now await the state of Telangana to also announce it as a State event.