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Indian Social Media Activists Should be Like Buddha of Cyber Age: Tarun Vijay


“It’s for Indians to be a Buddha of Cyber age & give Cyber Dharma to the world-for peace and global coexistence-Cyber guerrillas must be defeated by Indian cyber warriors equipped with cyber dharma. India must lead world- prepare now” said author Tarun Vijay in Bengaluru.

Tarun Vijay was addressing Karnataka state level one-day social media meet organized by Vishwa Samvada Kendra Karnataka at KLE College auditorium, Bengaluru, on 4th December.


Tarun Vijay who opened the meet by watering the plants roared in the meet about the need for a strong cyber law in the nation which could help in curbing a lot of practices which is vehemently happening in today’s world.

The author showed his concern over the distorted maps which is being put up every occasion by media and the reason for such is the big wigs like Microsoft and Google who have mutilated maps in their database. Tarun Vijay also said how it became difficult to even raise a complaint on such issues due to missing laws.

Tufail Ahmed a well known voice in journalism was concerned about the  co-existence itself  which these days has become an issue in our country as we have co-existed with lot of things we should not be. Tufail Ahmed who was against the minority definition approach was strong in saying that political parties also support this minority status for votes and had to be ended soon to have a better society.

Secularism, which has aspects of citizen definition, state definition means to be being good to people but they remain theoretically and practically is leading to only  pro Islamism. He roared saying “If you are secular you cannot be nationalistic.”

‘Pakistan has Muslims who are pro democracy. However, we can have just one Islamic cleric to incite the terrorism by speech. Tufail Ahmed questioned the arrest of Kamalesh Tiwary for blasphemy but the way the jihadists who announced to pay high for his murder were conveniently ignored. The footprint of terrorism is about system of ideas, movement of ideas instead of religion. Footprints from the past clearly show who is involved and their nexus to get the terrorism to manifold.


Speaking about Extent of radicalisation, Tufail Ahmed remembered the killers and suspects who are  being caught day in and out for active participation in terrorist activities. There are people who are migrating to Syria to join ISISI or help in some ways. So far 70 already have been arrested for the ISIS participation. Ahmed felt that it is countries like Pakistan which needs to break up for the radicalisation to get eradicated. At times self radicalisation of Muslims also a has been a reason to worry. From Guru Teg Bahadur till TJ Joseph in Kerala whose hand was mutilated, there has been a strong group which is pro terrorism.

On countering this terrorism, Tufail Ahmed feels the need to call spade a spade. India needs counter through radicalisation law, national integration policy which can integrate the country. ‘Who We Are’  kind text books to speak high about our history and past can help to lot an extent. Indian state need not fund madrasas which is the main reason for terror brain wash. Comparative studies of religious teachings in schools should be part of the curriculum. Terming some one as dalith or chammar is derogatory but crying out as Kafir to someone else is not criminalized unfortunately he quipped.

Tufail Ahmed concluded by a call to issue fatwa calling  Shia, Ahmedi groups also as Muslims. Women and gay rights to be respected and most importantly None will be beheaded for questioning prophet Mohammad.

Nandakumar ji quoted from Ktufail-ahmed-at-bangalore-social-media-event-1autilya’s arthashartra saying threat to a nation could be by Internal, external, externally aided internal and internally aided external sources. However three fourth of those reasons are Internal. He quoted Hafeez Mohammed Saeed who gave a call to break India ‘Inshah Allah’. Unfortunately that has gained momentum in these days and students,  states like Kerala have been practicing the same of breaking India with the slogan of Inshah Allah’. The historians, left liberals have been in hand in glove with such groups and are supporting such views in all forums.

Radicalisation,  joining terror groups are happening.  Nandakumar said ‘We are not ready to learn from history and that is a big learning.’ We have only involved in superficial ways of treatment for radicalization which never would cure the disease. The truce plans with Naga groups is an example how it should not have been handled. 252 districts out of 600 districts are affected with Naxalism  which started in the decade of 60s.

America has been the reason for the Islamic terrorism undoubtedly. But they were quick in formulating a law which was need of the hour. Economic terrorism of counterfeit currencies also has become a threat and Pakistan has been pumping counterfeit notes. We denounced Shakti  and Shakti has denounced us, concluded J Nandakumar.


The post-lunch session of the social media meet 2016 had practical presentation sessions by Kiran K S,  Prashanth Kadaloor, Vikas Pandey.

Kiran KS, who opened the presentation, said in social media we are journalists ourselves and that is the enthusiasm- a key factor to make social media better. His call was to stay away about being abusive on women, religion.

He also said, “India is changing extremely under social media and we  being cautious could boost positive voices.” He opined that fact checking leads to credibility and one should resort to fact posting. Social media in next days shall give opportunities even to business. Making real heroes building constructive data for the betterment of the society was the take away from his address.

Prashanth Kadloor delivered a presentation on ‘Cyber Laws’ and social media. He said freedom of speech and expression with public order, decency is what the constitution of India guarantees. As it is easy to trick social media, diligent intervention is needed. Proposals to law  enforcement, follow security standards guidelines was the take away from his talk.

Vikas Pandey  on new trends in social media spoke about the fact that technology is changing on the social media and it is improvising each day. Around 80% people use mobile for social media and transactions. So broadcast in Whatsapp, periscope in twitter,  Facebook live,  answering on Quora and the like would be the way to connect with the world and avail the best.sri-kiran-ks-at-bangalore-social-media-event

In his valedictory speech J Nandakumar spoke about the band of intellectuals trying to portray negativity about of our nation.

He said, “Our need is to get united, organized and that is meaning and essence of nationalism and social media is a platform for us to get united. The golden thread to unite us as Swami Vivekananda has told was to have deity as bharata mata. Swamiji had always said Tyaga, vairagya and Seva are the synonyms to hindu society. The concept of nation has been there from the ages of vedas. However the narrative was shaken by those who never believed in it and who wanted to prove their thought of West. Be it Dr. B R Ambedkar or even Sir Rabindranath Tagore who were not voices of RSS have also said Hindutwa is the binding force. Let us all get united for the sake of the nation and let us all stand by the nation and protect the ethos.”

This social media event was attended by 286 select influential social media activists from Karnataka.

Courtesy: Samvada