Home News Balagokulam Bharat( Hyderabad Chapter) – Karyakarta Parivar Shibir 2023

Balagokulam Bharat( Hyderabad Chapter) – Karyakarta Parivar Shibir 2023


Balagokulam Bharat Hyderabad chapter conducted its Karyakarta Family Nivasi Shibir from 29th April evening to 30th April 2023 evening 5pm. Total 57 families attended this one-day residential camp and overall 170 members including children attended this full-day residential event. Programs were designed for karyakartha, spouses, teenagers and children of different ages.

The shibir was started on Saturday,29th April 2023 by Sri.Ayush Nadimpalli ji (Dakshin Madhya Kshetra prachar Pramukh,RSS). During his boudhik, he spoke about how Balagokulam has been an effective initiative to impart cultural heritage and ignite patriotism among children in the Hyderabad(Bhagyanagar) city. During the rest of the day, innovative family games like Ramayan darshan, Parichayas, bhajan sessions and manoranjan were conducted. All participants including children actively participated in the games and activities.

The next day, Sunday 30th May ‘2023 started with Ekatmata stotra followed by Yoga and Khel sessions.

The baudhik session was taken by Shri Annadanam Rama Subramanyam ji, (Bhagynagar vibhag bhoudik pramukh, RSS). he spoke on the Qualities of a karyakartha for running balagokulams effectively. Srimati Kanchana ji (Telangana pranth taruni pramukh, Sevika Samithi) spoke about the importance of the Family system in her boudhik to the shibir participants later.

Teenagers had separate sessions like how social media content can influence a positive and negative side of us. They had various engaging sessions on personality, leadership building and working for the society etc. Children had creative sessions like basket making, story telling, project making etc…

The closing session was addressed by Shri Lingam Sreedhar ji , Telangana Pranta Paracharak and provided margdharsan for future balagokulam activities. He emphasized on how the balagokulam work is important towards the goal of seeing Bharat as a Vishwa Guru

One of the participants provided their experience as below.

This was my first interaction with Balagokulam, and I absolutely loved it! Around two years after school ended, this is the first time I’ve come out to play! All the games were very innovative and informative. All the games and the activities enhanced my communication skills and team coordination ability. The boudhik sessions were a wake-up call to today’s reality. I’ve learnt many things along the way in the shibhir, and made amazing friends.

Balagokulam nivasi shibir has created a wonderful atmosphere and provided an unforgettable experience for the participants.