Home News Lakhs of Hindus celebrate Hyderabad’s biggest festival Bonalu

Lakhs of Hindus celebrate Hyderabad’s biggest festival Bonalu


Temples of goddess Durga in Old City were flooded with people on the occasion of Bonalu. Stretches near the temples were decorated with lights and arches to welcome devotees. Devotional and folk songs were played on most Old City roads.

People dressed in traditional attire were spotted in the nal attire were spotted in the temples offering prayers. Celebrations in the households started with women preparing a conical cradle-like structure made up of flowers and leaf plates called `totala’.

“We offer the totala as part of cradle service to the goddess,“ said Sangeeta P , a devotee at Begum Bazar temple.

Women started from their houses with the conical cradle, bonam and a vessel that has a cloth, bangles, saree, turmeric and vermilion.

Bonam has two pots (earthen or brass), one placed on top of the other, with a lamp and neem leaves on it. Rice cooked with milk and jaggery is put on the first pot and the second pot has curd, jaggery and a little amount of water. The lamp stick, placed on top of the pots, is made of cotton cloth unlike the regular ones. Women carry this bonam on their head and offer it to the goddess.

“The food is prepared after the house is cleaned,“ said Shalini Anumula, a school teacher spotted at a temple in Old City .

A part of the food offered is consumed as prasadam and is distributed among people,“ said a priest at a temple.

Lal Darwaza temple was among the most crowded in Old City . Thousands of people gathered at the temple for a darshan of the goddess. Cultural events were also organised at the temple.

Courtesy: Times of India