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Osmania University asks students overstaying in hostels to vacate


The Osmania University administration has asked the “non-boarders” to vacate the hostels and warned of strict action against them if they do not move out.

Non-boarders are former students who have completed their courses in the university, but are still staying in the hostels.

“There are 18 hostels, including girls hostels and each hostel is over-burdened by nearly 200-300 non-boarders.

They have been asked several times in the past to voluntarily vacate the place. However, they continue to illegally stay in the hostels,” a university official said in Hyderabad.

The university has warned of cutting the power and water supply and seeking police help to evacuate the “non- boarders” from the hostels.

These measures would be initiated to refurbish the hostels and provide better amenities to the legitimate boarders, the university said in a statement.

The university plans to seek police help to evacuate the non-boarders and has cautioned them that the authorities would not intervene in case of police raids, it said.

The university maintained that such measures would prompt the students to move out and enable the administration to undertake renovation work.

The university said it continues to bear the financial burden on account of power and water supply though regular courses are yet to take off, barring research activities.

“This is the opportune time to fix all problems related to amenities in the hostels when classes have not yet commenced for the second year and admissions for the 2017-2018 session are in progress,” it said.

The administration also pointed out that some hostels are in a ‘dilapidated and deplorable’ state as they were built several decades back.

The facilities in the hostels have come under a great strain and overcrowding has compounded the problem, it said.

Reacting to the reports about the vacant faculty quarters being occupied by unauthorised and illegal persons, the university decided to snap power and water connections to them and to take action against the “trespasssers.”

The university security has the record of illegal stay by several people in the vacant faculty quarters and also of unauthorised entry into campus and residential quarters.

The statement said the university has directed its security personnel of the situation and also urged the police to first issue a warning to all members and lock the premises.

Courtesy: PTI

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