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Press Meet with Author, thinker, Indologist Dr Rajiv Malhotra and co-author Dr Vijaya Viswanathan.


Pragna bharati and Brhat are jointly organized and hosted Dr Rajiv Malhotra and Prof Vijaya Viswanathan during 13-15 March 2023 in hyderabad.

The opening event is the press meet which was held in Hotel Taj krishna, Hyderabad in the evening of 13th March 2023.

Shri LV Subhramanyam, former CS, Govt of AP presided over the event. In his opening remarks, he said that the divisive narratives from abroad are creating rifts and schisms in the social fabric of india.

Shri Aravinda Rao, former DGP, united AP, Govt of AP, has said that ‘Breaking India’ book was a breakthrough work which presented irrefutable evidences on the forces which exploited the fault-lines of india. Since then Shri Rao has met him during the Swadesi Indology conferences in delhi. All his works which include Breaking India, Battle for Sanskrit, AI, Snakes in the Ganga, Battle for IITs and many others have been eye-openers to all Indians who have national interest in mind and are interested in national security issues. He invited friends in press, electronic and digital media to participate in the unfolding events in the next 2-3 days.

Shri Sarangapani, who’s working on the Telugu translation of ‘Snakes in the Ganga’, has said his latest book exposes important breaking-india forces which are far more sinister and strategic in their agenda to create rifts in indian society and polity. He also exposes the Indian industrialists who are investing in creating endowments in foreign universities like Harvard, which are acting in hostility to India. He also exposed the Big Tech and AI algorithms which have a capacity for creating animosity against India. The book is extremely well-researched and well- evidenced and will be a tremendous knowledge source for us all.

Answering questions from press, Dr Malhotra said despite so many Indic works by Infinity Foundation and others, due to great degradation in intellectual and public life, democracy has become a policy of appeasement and emotional pegs, and lack of proper educational system and values, which are all degrading the nation. The govt is hiring foreign experts, universities, curricula etc which are not giving a level-playing field to the Indian universities, and are making us not vishwa-gurus but Vishwa-chelas. Dr Vijaya said that parents have to become more proactive and not leave education to govt education system. Govt is not doing due diligence when hiring foreigners. Other countries like a tiny singapore have cut their ties with Yale university when they refused to have american liberal arts, social sciences and humanities as they don’t fit with singapore ethos. On the other hand, India is getting US universities which will primarily unskill indian students and make hordes of activists. Dr Malhotra asked if India is really ready for a true democracy?

Dr Malhotra said education system, universities are not building character, Dharma gurus also are not teaching Shastras or Neeti sutras from Mahabharata etc, so the ensuing vacuum is being filled by the left ecosystem. Our billionaires are not putting money in R&D and hence are importing technology, chat Gpt etc, while lesser countries like China have created their own technologies and are also exporting it. India is just supplying labor to american big-tech companies. Microsoft, Google etc which are in India for decades are just becoming tech-coolies and tech-chelas. The depts work parallelly and education depts and their curricula are different from the workforce needed for industrial sector. State govts need to take responsibility for designing curricula. Indian social and political discourses are also set from abroad. Dr Vijaya said Education policies are made by bureaucrats and not by stakeholders or subject matter experts, she herself taught Ganita shastram, Samskritam etc to a group of students. Cosmology and higher levels of knowledge are present in Hindu shastras, however there are no mechanics to teach them to younger generations. Algorithms which are setting the internet are the new gurus, we need to understand the new mechanics.

Dr Malhotra said despite flagging the issue sometime back regarding the ongoing appointment of US ambassador to India, Indian media has failed to pick up the issue, whereas the ambassador designate has tweeted about his intention to work with individuals and Human Rights organizations on ‘core’ issues in India, the entire issue is extremely unprecedented.

The press meet concluded with Dr Rajiv Malhotra and Prof Vijaya Viswanathan handling all questions with great expertise and elan.