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Sangh’s stand is that Jallikattu is a traditional festival


Jallikattu, an ancient sport has many references in Sangam literature to Eru Thazhuvuthal (hugging the bull). Even the British colonial administrators have documented about Jallikattu a sport played continuously down the ages. The sport is witnessing united voices supporting Jallikattu across various sections of the society.

With controversies and heated discussions going around, J. Nandakumar Ji, Akhil Bharatiya Sah Prachar Pramukh of the RSS, told News18 that the Sangh’s stand is that Jallikattu is a traditional festival related to Tamil Nadu’s agricultural traditions. “The Sangh organisations in the state are in favour of Jallikattu. The festival is about playing with the animal, it does not involve celebration by killing of any ox, bull or camel,” he said. Jallikattu is a beautiful symphony of our rich tradition, culture, Agrobased economy and indomitable Bharatiya Valour.

Another RSS leader told News18 that the RSS was of the opinion that Jallikattu was part of the tradition of animal worship. “There are other communities that celebrate by killing animals, there is blood on farms and streets but no one questions them. In Jallikattu there is not an iota of animal cruelty or death. In India, cultural celebrations get associated with religion. Festivals are interpreted as religious functions of a particular community. The festival takes place only in one part of the country, it is not like the entire country is playing with bulls,” the leader said on condition of anonymity since he is not authorized to speak to media.