Home News Vadodara’s special school children sings national anthem in sign language

Vadodara’s special school children sings national anthem in sign language


As the country celebrated its 68th Republic Day yesterday, a school in Vadodra saw its specially-abled children pay their tribute to their motherland by singing the national anthem in sign language during their Republic Day celebrations.

Rashmi Mehta, Principal of the Mook Dhwani Trust said that the special children have their own way of communicating, and have an equal right to express their love for the country.

“Just like Gujarati, English, Hindi or any other language, the special children also have their own kind of language-the sign language. It is as much their right as it is ours to sing and feel the national anthem and national song. Keeping that in mind, we have translated the national anthem in sign language and they delivered it extraordinarily well” she added.

With the specially-abled school children paying respects to the country this exceptional way, it was indeed a sight to behold, said the overwhelmed Principal.

While one must laud the children who are setting an example of an awe-inspiring patriotism, one can’t deny the efforts put in by Mook Dhwani Trust which is taking painstaking efforts to erase differences between the specially-abled and regular children.

The gesture of translating the National Anthem in sign language, and performing the same in a mass gathering, offers a befitting symbolism to the fact that India truly belongs to all, regardless of any cast, creed or disability. And one’s patriotism isn’t contingent to his modes of expression.

Courtesy: ANI