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Women in Vedas


-Thirumala Manohara Acharya

More than 30 Women Sages like Lopamudra , Maitaryee , Gargi were given a clear mention in Vedas with due respect and high regard. Among all religions ever existed ,Goddesses can be only found in Hindu Religion i.e. Sanatana Dharma. Gospels were not found revealed to any Women of other religions. Numerous false allegations were raised about women suppression and denial of freedom to women as claimed by Vedas thus degrading Vedic culture. Today in many parts of the world, women are supressed. Vedas Clearly stated and stressed the importance of Women empowerment and their able leadership skills. Let us dive into the facts that Vedas revealed about Women and thus falsify the allegations made in this regard. Often it is wrongly stated that Vedas proposed women suppression and did not allow any kind of freedom to them.

These misleading statements are even found to be imparted through our system of education to all students beginning from primary School and further spreading its roots into the syllabus of examinations held for higher professional aspirants like IAS etc. Self-acclaimed Deceptive intellectuals and Progressive thinkers leap forward to carry these allegations on their shoulders to defame Vedic Culture.

Presenting here below are the referential evidence of the facts mentioned in Vedas about Women:
Women should be Courageous —–Yajurveda 10.03

Women should be renown for their Fame ——-Adharvana Vedam 14.1.20

Women are expected to be Scholars ——Adharvana Vedam 11.5.18 (Which also states that Women should impart education)

Women should enlighten the society ——— Adharvana Vedam 14.2.74

Women should lead an accomplished wealthy Life ——Atharvana Veda 7.47.2

Women should always be knowledgeable and an Intellectual—-Atharvana Veda 7.47.1

Women in Administration:

Women should involve in all administrative proceedings. Atharvana Veda 7.38.4

Women should lead the Political, Social, and administrative reforms. Rig Veda 10.85.46

In many parts of todays world, Women are supressed to claim their freedom but Vedas clearly stated the Importance and inclusion of Women in all forms of Leadership.

Right to Property :

A daughter shall possess equal right as a Son shall possess on ancestral property
( Property acquired by one’s father) … Athar Vana Veda 14.1.20

A Woman shall facilitate Sufficient Wealth , Nutritious Food and bring prosperity to the family ….. Athar Vana Veda. 11.1.17
(A woman can facilitate wealth to her family only when she earns some)

Guide and Direct your husband to the ways of acquiring wealth……Athar Vana Veda 7.46.3

Women in Employment:

Women should drive the chariots—— Athar Vana Veda 9.9.2

Women should serve in armed forces —- Yajur Veda 16.44 ( Goddess Durga Devi is an ideal role model in this regard)

Many false allegations are made that Vedas prohibited Women to step out of their house. In fact, Vedas have mentioned that Women should actively participate in Wars as armed soldiers.

Maharani KaikaiYee gives us as a right example ! (According to Shrimad Ramayana ,it was because of the boon granted to Maharani KaikaiYee that Lord Shri Ram was sent to exile.
In appreciation of the valour she exhibited on their enemies during the war she fought along with her husband, King Dasharatha, granted her a boon which she wanted to utilise whenever she feels a need of it. (This is a splendid example from our history)
Women should dictate and command an Assembly…. Rig Veda 10.85.26

Women in Education:

O Women! These Vedic hymns are given to you with all due rights as men possess.
May your thoughts be fulfilled with harmony!
May you never impart knowledge to all without any discrimination!
May Your Heart and Consciousness work in synchrony !
Not only I (Sage) grant these hymns to you with equal rights along with men , but also I bestow the power onto you to understand and exercise them in the right way ! Rig veda 10.191.3

Wedding and Education:

O Bride ! May you acquire Vedic Knowledge from all directions!
Only after you possess this Vedic Knowledge, you are advised to take rightful decisions about any challenges in your life !
You are also expected to acquire right fame and always be a fortune maker to your husband!
You are blessed to lead a respectful life with your In Laws and may the place be enriched and empowered by your knowledge . Athar Vana Veda 14.1.64
(Through this hymn, Lord has instructed Women to get educated before getting married )

-Translation By VijayaLakshmi