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A unified and harmonious society is the base for “Shreshta Bharat” : Dr. Mohan Bhagwat


RSS Sarsanghachalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat today said that there is a tremendous positive response from people of the country towards Sangh. This is a result of the work done by our karyakartas esp those who worked during the phase of opposition. Reflecting the mood of the nation and people’s enthusiasm to be associated with RSS, he said “It is an opportunity to utilise this favourable environment to speed up our activities into various dimensions”.

Speaking at the Udyogi Swayamsevak’s Sanghik held at Keshav Memorial School, Hyderabad, he further said that there is a considerable increase in the number of Shakhas across the country during the previous year and encouragingly, many of them are vidyarthi shakhas. We have taken up the cause of the complete transformation of the Hindu society and to accomplish this, we have a long way to go. Change in society is brought about by the karyakartas who are earning and those who are gruhasthas.  We have to increase our spread to atleast 1,00,000 shakas.

Vidyarthi shakas are meant for “vyakti nirmaan” and build a positive environment in society. Tarun vyavasayi shakhas should be the kendra for mass mobilization. We must plan our programs based on the age group and how to increase the involvement of the vyavasayis of the area. These shakas must work towards developing pravaasi karyakartas to various jagaran karya vibhaags and gati vidhis, catering to various dimensions of the society. Praudh (those above 40 years )  vyvasai swayamsevaks are respected in the society. They must work towards ensuring the gaps in society are removed and give strength to the tasks  like Graam Vikas, Gau Seva, Samajik Samarasta, Kutumb Prabodhan  and Dharm Jagaran.

Addressing Swayamsevaks, he said “ Today, we once again need to emphasize these ideals and inculcate such values among children in our families and ‘Kutumb Prabhodhan’ is one such channel for Swayamsevaks to act upon. We need to bridge the gaps among the people through samajika samarasatha to build a resurgent and strong Bharat we dream of. Therefore, it becomes the bounden duty of swayamsevaks to work towards a harmonious society. It is also important to live the ideals that we are preach in our personal life, familial life, society and work place. The society observes us and understands what we stand for.

For vyavsayi swayamsevaks, there are 4 more tasks – a. fulfilling the requirement of Sangh in developing Pravaasi karyakarta, mobilising society, increasing gatividhis and living the ideals through personal example.

To spread and strengthen the Sangh, we need to reach out to village or Basti we live in as a representative replica of Bharat and we must realize that in the prosperity of our village / Basti lies the prosperity of the country. For this to happen, each individual should take out some time and start working towards national cause”.

“In the coming 15-20 years we develop a strong invincible Hindu society that was envisioned 90 years ago by founder Dr. Hedgewar”, he said.

The “Udyogi Sammelan” was meant for employee Swayamsevaks in the twin cities. A total number of 3217 swayamsevaks,  belonging to different occupations and other self employed have participated in the program with full uniform from 186 employee Shakhas and 96 saapthahik Milans.

Dr. V Nagaraju, Kshetra sanghachalak and P. Venkateshwar Rao, Pranth Sanghachalak have also shared dais with Dr. Mohan Bhagwat in the program.