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The Saga of Bravery


Ideology knows the answer before the question is asked. It is in this context that we need to study communism as an ideology which thrives on the death of any disagreeing view that it is confronted with. The very foundation of communism is anarchy, coup d’état, authoritarianism, dictatorship and absolute control. Anyone, in a communist state, found speaking otherwise can be held guilty of nothing less than treason. The Soviet Union is a fine example of how communism destroys peace and stability and inflicts fear in the minds of its people. The ultimate result of challenging such an authoritarian is war and bloodshed. Justice is a distant dream. After reading the RED, one can only thank Lord that communism is dead in India. But is it really?

The narrative in national media since long has been that communism has lost its relevance in India and holds no influence over anyone. Yet, after reading the political history of Kerala one finds oneself to be opening the doors to parallel universe! The deadly combination of communist goons and Islamic fundamentalists has led to destruction of hundreds of families who lost their sons and daughters because they stood for something not communist i.e., Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Bhartiya Janata Party. More than 200 young workers both of RSS and BJP have been killed in God’s own country and no one even knows of the massacre that is carried out every fortnight in the name of communist ideology.

Vishal Kumar, a young BSc student was brutally hacked to death on 16th July 2012 because he was an ABVP karyakarta who intended to hold Saraswati Poojan in his college premises. In September same year, a 21 year old, Sachin Gopal was killed. His fault- he was an ABVP activist. As recent as in September 2016, an RSS karyakarta was brutally killed in premises of Thillankeri Panchayat office by a gang of heavily armed CPI (M) goons. These are just a few! The innocent RSS and BJP workers have faced the wrath of CPI goons for since independence and given supreme sacrifice defending their freedom of choice! And there was not a single headline or a debate or any high level enquiry about those political murders being carried out in Kerala every day since communists started ruling the state.

Communism is not new to violence. Violence, Blood, Hatred are the trademarks of communist ideology. Worldwide, it is the same trend so is in India. But what is most surprising is that how India failed her own sons who died fighting for their fundamental right! Their right to choice, speech and expression!  They were killed because they spoke against communist misogyny. They died because they spoke against inhuman CPI (M) killings. They died because they stood for something called as the idea of ‘’State’’ and the ‘’Idea of India’’. They died because they stood for nationalist sentiments. They died defending every man’s freedom of choice in Kerala! Alas, this has been denied to them so far! Yet, the RSS cadre works with full enthusiasm and valor  ensuring that last man standing in the queue is  reached and told that there is an alternative to hatred and peace is still achievable!

The unsung heroes of Kerala deserve as much respect of every Indian as a jawan! For both die fighting the enemy outside and within! These cadres never complain and never cry unlike the liberals but fight for honor and dignity. But their stories are never told, let alone mentioned! Surprisingly, they go unnoticed as if nothing happened! The reason is this ideology in India lives on educational propaganda and funding. Unless the very core is attacked and challenged, it cannot be uprooted. Once the idea exists it cannot be killed!

The liberals keep crying all days about the freedom of speech and how they feel insecure in India after Modi became the Prime Minister but not once do they realize that real threat to FoE is in Kerala where a word against Communists directly lands you in heavens. Why this selective outrage?  It’s a sad state of affairs where pseudo nationalism is the new sexy and death for being ideological opponent is dull!

The story of RSS cadres in Kerala who, even after living under constant threat, is a saga of bravery, a saga of courage and above all a saga of undying love towards motherland! My salutes to the brave hearts and their families who died defending their rights as human beings!

By Rucha Dhakras