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We have to assess our culture and heritage our own way – RSS Sah sarkaryavah Suresh Soni Ji


Indian culture teaches us human values – Pranab Mukherjee

President Pranab Mukherjee , while inaugurating an international conference , “Bharat Bodh” in Delhi said it is imperative to firmly establish the Bharatiya cultural legacy. He said Indian culture teaches us about basic human values that’s why it is essential to keep intact our intellectual legacy. Being tolerant, merciful and loving motherland are some of the basic values of the Bharatiya culture.

The President said it’s an outstanding specialty of Bharat that many languages and many religions co-exist hand in hand. He said the Indian thought is propelled by urge for seeking “sanatan gyan” in our culture. Loving your motherland, doing your work diligently, being merciful and tolerant to others and discipline and accountability to what one does, have been some of the cherished values of ours. At times, am surprised to see how 200 languages, 1800 dialects and seven major religions of the world existing in one system, under one flag and the Constitution.

He said instead of eye for an eye the Hindu culture has been giving a message of “sarve bhavantu sukhena” ( let all in the world be happy).

After the inaugural session, during the “Arani manthan” session Sah sarkaryavah of the RSS Suresh Soni Ji said “we need to be assertive about our culture”. During the Vedic period we were not like this. Our Vedas would talk about “purusharth” (valour) and “parakram” (victory).

He said in a very planned manner we have been taught to accept defeat. We need not be over-defensive. We don’t have to see our culture through the Western eyes, but we should have perceive it our own way. We will have to form new yardsticks for this, on which we need to work diligently. Bharatiya culture lays foundation for a tolerant society because it is based on knowledge. All students in the country must have a right understanding of the culture of Bharat and for this the educational institutions must join hands.

The three-day conference is being jointly organised by the Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal and the Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi, in which a large number of research papers would be presented.