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GN Saibaba is not alone; many #UrbanMaoists are waging war against India


Urban Maoists are double faced. Their one face is a downtrodden person, on which, you find innocence, slight foolishness, a family guy, plight and pity on the face that of a person who always faced injustice, suppression, etc etc… but the other face of an Urban Maoists is wicked, always project as a victim of system or government… gather sympathies but provoke the common people against the nation, create killer Maoists and put ammunition in their hands to fight against their own nation and own people.

If we see the images of DU Professor GN Saibaba, who professes bloodied armed struggle against India by brainwashing youth transforming them in hate mongered enemy of India, one will find the first part of the description of the face of an ‘Urban Maoist’.

GN Saibaba, who has been convicted for ‘waging war against India’ and got life imprisonment by the Gadchiroli court is one of the same junk of such double-faced maniacs who are waging a silent war against India while thriving upon the benefits of the same socio-political democratic system.

A session’s court in Gadhchiroli on Tuesday (7-March) sentenced life imprisonment to Delhi University Professor G N Saibaba and five others under The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. Gadchiroli Police had arrested Saibaba in 2014 for his alleged links with Maoists. He was granted bail June 2015. Gadchiroli Police allegedly found Professor Saibaba and others of possessing documents related to banned outfit Communist Party of India (Maoist). The police alleged Professor of waging a war against India. Apart from G N Saibaba, the court also convicted JNU student Hem Mishra, former journalist Prashant Rahi and three others. Mishra and Rahi were arrested in Aheri and Chattisgarh in 2015.

Prashant Sathiyanathan, Special Public Prosecutor told media, “We told the court that the sanction was secured from the state government after submission of documents and material that establish the complicity of the three accused in the activities furthering the cause of the banned organisation.”

But notably, when the matter came to surface in 2014, a bandwagon of Maoist sympathiser attacked Maharashtra Police alleging of misusing Unlawful Activities Prevention Act.

Arundhati Roy was on a forefront to victimise the Police and the Court procedure when the ‘wheelchair bound Professor’ was denied a bail. The Bombay High Court had on December 23, 2015, issued the contempt notice against the author, for her views on Saibaba’s arrest and rejection of his bail plea.

Interestingly, earlier, the Supreme Court bench comprising justices J S Khehar and C Nagappan granted bail to him. The bench, unfortunately, ignoring his serious crimes like linking with Maoists, took a humanitarian stand saying:  “You have been extremely unfair to the accused, especially looking at his medical condition. If material witnesses have been examined, then there is no point in putting him in jail,” the bench said.

But the Gadchiroli Session court Judge Suryakant Shinde has spelt out a wonderful verdict in the best of national security and in the Constitutional framework and democratic values.

Commenting on the crimes of GN Saibaba and his handlers, the Judge expresses himself in the sternest way.

The Verdicts says:

“The imprisonment for life is also not a sufficient punishment to the accused but the hands of the Court are closed with the mandate of Section 18 and  20 of UAPA and in my opinion it is a fit case to award sentence of imprisonment of life to accused no.1 Mahesh Tirki, no.2 Pandu Narote, no.3 Hem Mishra, no.4 Prashant Rahi and no.6 Saibaba for offence punishable u/s 18 r/w 120B of IPC and u/s 20 r/w 120B of IPC and maximum sentence of imprisonment for Section 13, 38 and 39 of UAPA read with Section 120B of IPC.”

The Court also feels that the ‘Life Imprisonment’ is not a sufficient punishment to the accused but the hands of the Court are closed.

There are many like GN Saibaba who wants to free India from Democracy and impose a Maoist dictatorship like Mao, Stalin, Lenin etc etc., which killed millions of people, in the name of revolution.

A Maoist sympathiser of Urban Maoist Arundhati Roy who once won Booker Prize had tried to criminalise the Judiciary itself. In her article “Professor, P.O.W.” published on 18 May 2015, in Outlook Magazine, the Maoist friend Roy writes, “So afraid is the government of this paralysed wheelchair-bound academic that the Maharashtra police had to abduct him for arrest.”

Arundhati Roy knows much about Saibaba

In her article, after a typical blah blah blaming Governments, portraying Police as goons, terming anti-Maoist laws as draconian, and naming the cultivated group of locals as a Civil war, Arundhati Roy mentions all the charges framed against Saibaba. Amusingly her mind is so brainwashed by the Red ideology that she couldn’t identify an anti-India trail in the acts of Saibaba… or it one find a trace that Roy is an active spokesperson of the Saibaba like Maoist recruiters.

To advocate Saibaba’s bail plea in public, Roy lists a number of instances of bail offered. Again she spits her venom against the saffron forces and tries to symbolise the Saffron Judiciary alleged nexus. With a photo of the hapless face of GN Saibaba’s wife Vasantha and an empty wheelchair in her article, displays a shoddy mindset of the Outlook and Arundhati Roy who want to be a proponent of Saibaba’s anti-India acts on the basis of his disability.

Roy portrays Saibaba as an abnormal disable person .. see how

Roy writes: Dr Saibaba’s trial has not begun. When it does, it is likely to take months, if not years. The question is, can a person with a 90 percent disability survive in those abysmal prison conditions for so long? In the year he’s been in prison, his physical condition has deteriorated alarmingly. He is in constant, excruciating pain. (The jail authorities have helpfully described this as “quite normal” for polio victims.) His spinal cord has degenerated. It has buckled and is pushing up against his lungs. His left arm has stopped functioning. The cardiologist at the local hospital where the jail authorities took him for a test has asked that he be given an angioplasty urgently. If he does undergo an angioplasty, given his condition and the conditions in prison, the prognosis is dire. If he does not and remains incarcerated, it is dire too. Time and again the jail authorities have disallowed him medication that is vital not just to his well-being, but to his survival. When they do allow the medicines, they disallow the special diet that is meant to go with it.

Ohhh on what basis you demanded a bail for GN Saibaba ma’am? The funnier part is such a disabled person transforms into a super-active Superman when it comes to forming a Naxal squad by brainwashing and converting students into Maoist warmongers and using them for anti-India activities.

It was no surprise that Arundhati Roy, the Bigul of Comrades, was charged with Contempt of Court.

Civil liberty activists are a ‘Fair and Lovely” version of Maoists

Interestingly this inhuman act by the Court to charge Arundhati Roy with the contempt of Court hurt many which are an another layer of the so-called civil liberty activists.

The Civil liberty activists are a ‘Fair and Lovely” version of the Maoist ideology. It never advocates Maoists but attacks those who attack Maoists-Naxals.

One of those is Mihir Desai who the lawyer to infamous Teesta Setalvad who flawed the norms about foreign funding and herself fearing an arrest against charges of fund embezzlement case.

When the Court charged Arundhati Roy with contempt of court in GN Saibaba bail issue, this gentleman became active to support Roy. He too wrote an article in SabrangIndia, the hate propagation magazine of Javed Anand and Teesta Setalvad. The article titled “Flawed Verdict: The Bombay High Court judgement refusing bail to GN Saibaba”, dated 28 Dec 2015, again there was an argument that: The accused is, admittedly 90%, disabled. There was no chance of him absconding. He was already on interim bail. There were no allegations that he had either tried to abscond or that he had tampered with evidence. Apart from this, his disability is a degenerative one, and one which requires constant medical treatment.

Further, the Human Rights champion says: Arundhati has given her version of events. Having dealt with human rights cases all my practicing life, having been part of number of fact-finding committees and citizens tribunals on police and armed forces brutality and corporate crimes across the years, having directly dealt with victims of state, communal, class and caste violence over the decades, I feel that Arundhati’s version is entirely possible and believable. I refuse to treat the police version or the reports of Government medical officers as sacrosanct. Am I to be castigated for this?

The Pro-Maoist coterie is again active now

There is a forum in Delhi called “Bastar Solidarity Network – Delhi Chapter”. This group is actively spreading Maoist ideology with posts to demean Police machinery and remain active in vilifying nationalist movements. Its Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BastarSolidarityNetworkDelhi/ has posted a message to vituperate the Court Verdict.

It says: As per the Gadchiroli sessions court judgment, speaking up against the Indian state’s corporate sponsored war on the adivasi people amounts to “waging war against the state”.

Condemn the conviction and life imprisonment awarded to GN Saibaba, Hem Mishra, Pandu Narote, Mahesh Tirki, Vijay Tirki and Prashant Rahi today by the Gadchiroli sessions court.

The relentless harassment, branding, framing, arrest, incarceration over the last four years and now finally their conviction are all directed at gagging voices against Operation Green Hunt, for a war without witness.

But the people of the Adivasi heartland continue their struggle for their jal-jangal-jameen against all odds. And we shall also continue to speak up against the state-corporate nexus of greed against all gags. We demand the immediate dropping of all false charges from all of them and an end to this malicious targeting of democratic right activists.

See the terminologies of those termites who are weakening India’s social fabric.

    Indian state’s corporate sponsored war

    A war without witness

    people of the Adivasi heartland continue their struggle

    struggle for their jal-jangal-jameen

    the state-corporate nexus of greed

    malicious targeting of democratic right activists

Isn’t this language similar to what many so-called Liberty activists say?

Isn’t this a contempt of Court and more than that an articulated submission of disgracing Indian Democracy, disrespecting Indian Judiciary and insulting India’s Constitution?

Should such elements be simply ignored and allow denting India’s democratic ethos by creating an atmosphere of distrust amongst the people of India?

There are more…

In November 2016, the Police have booked Delhi University (DU) professor Nandini Sundar has been booked along with a professor of JNU and others on charges of murder of a tribal in the insurgency-hit Sukma district of Chhattisgarh.

FIR was lodged against DU Professor Nandini Sundar, Archana Prasad (JNU Professor), Vineet Tiwari (of Delhi’s Joshi Adhikar Sansthan), Sanjay Parate (Chhattisgarh CPI (Marxist) State Secretary) and others along with Maoists for the murder of Baghel based on the complaint of his wife.

Immediately, it was termed as a Political vendetta citing the hatred of her husband Siddharth Varadarajan towards PM Modi. Varadarajan is the former Editor-in-Chief of The Hindu  It should be noted that Siddarth doesn’t hold the Indian citizenship. He is a USA citizen and lives a lavish life in New York yet he is known as the most vocal supporters of Naxalites, goons and terrorists in India.

In 2010, Human Rights activist (as the naxal coterie term him) and medical practitioner Dr Binayak Sen was charged with sedition in Chattisgarh. It was contended Sen helped in arranging accommodation for Naxal leaders in Raipur and through his wife Ilena, he also helped in opening bank accounts of hardcore Naxalites Shankar Singh and Amita Shrivastava.

But when the case reached in the Supreme Court, Dr Sen was granted bail.

Most recently, the Bastar Police arrested human rights lawyer Shalini Gera, a part of Jagdalpur Legal Aid Group (JLAG), for allegedly exchanging ‘old notes’ on behalf of the Maoists. Similarly, seven civil rights activists(?) from the Telangana Democratic Forum were under the Chhattisgarh Special Public Security in December 2016.

Sonia NAC Fallout

After the fallout of the Congress from power, the political mentors of all kinds anti-India voices, like so-called urban Maoists called as Civil Liberty groups, the Maoists, the Naxals, the Pro-Pakistan separatists, the JNU Break-Indian gang, the Kanhaiyya Kumars, the Shehla Rashids, the Umar Khalids etc … a particular section of Media and politics is there to voice against the Judiciary and Police machinery if they tried to touch their gang member.

Since the Sonia Gandhi raaj of National Advisory Committee has ceased, the advocators of anti-India fractions are finding it hard to make the Police machinery cry for the arrests and finding it difficult to pressurise Judiciary using political pressures.

In ancient literature, we read about demons who change faces as per their strategy. In coming days, endgame facing Breaking-India coterie will come before the society in different changed faces and messages. It’s time to be alert!

Meanwhile a big thank you for the Maharashtra Police and the Gadchiroli sessions Court!

Courtesy: NewsBharati